We received this USB flash drive in to the workshop after the customer reported dropping their laptop when the drive was still inserted. As you can see, it has suffered severe physical damage and due to the construction of the main ‘multi-layer’ PCB was not going to be a very straightforward fix.

Because of the extent of the damage incurred, and that these SanDisk Flash Drives generally have an ‘Encrypting Controller’ EADR had to find a donor ‘bed’ for the flash drive, so we could remove the controller as well as the NAND Memory chip as a pair, and transplant them to the replacement ‘donor’ bed. This was achieved by matching the board and revision number of the original ‘bed’ and moving the relative aforementioned components across.

Although a fiddly procedure, once completed the case was 100% recovered.

Just another day in the office here at EADR…