When will I need a data recovery specialist?

If you have had a problem with your computer or laptop then your very first port of call will more than likely be your local computer repair shop or IT professional. You may even have an IT department at your place of work or a friend that “knows about” computers. If your computer or laptop has become slow to respond, will not boot up or has shown you the blue screen scenario, then your IT professional will probably tell you that your hard drive has crashed and will need to be replaced. But wait….what if you didn’t have a back up of all your data? It is at this point that the term data recovery gets mentioned.

If your hard drive has minor issues and is still accessible, then odds-on your computer repair professional will be able to use some software and reunite you with your data. But what if they are unable to recover your data for you? If your hard drive is completely dead or even worse, clicking badly then you’re going to need professional assistance.

This is where EADR steps up to the plate. We specialise in recovering data from hard drives which have failed through many causes, even those which computer repair shops are unable to recover in house and would otherwise be destined to the crusher. Our highly specialist tools and equipment, combined with our knowledge of how hard drives work and more importantly, what causes them to fail, puts us in the very best possible position to recover your lost information. Our friendly team will be happy to advise you and explain things in plain English, and our free inspection and collection service can be put in place very quickly, minimising any down time or delay.

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