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Desktop/iMac Hard drive Data Recovery

Computer hard disk drives can fail for many reasons and at EADR we have seen them all! . 

The most common reasons for hard disk failure in that we see in PCs and all-in-one computers are from power surges/power cuts and wear and tear. These power issues can cause damage to the controller board of your hard drive and sometimes the internal components too, which will need the assistance of an expert data recovery company to recover the data from.  

Whilst almost all do not handle bumps and knocks very well, desktop internal hard drives do not have the portability risks of either laptops or external hard drives, but they are still subject to catastrophic failure, through wear and tear and overheating.

Your hard drive will probably be giving you a warning that it may be starting to fail; a general slowing down, odd noises coming from the drive, files or items not opening or the good old Blue Screen. If you experience any or all of these then its time to seek advice from an expert who knows the best way to extract the data safely from your hard drive.

Whether your windows PC is 20 years old with an antique IDE hard drive or you have the very latest iMac model, EADR will examine your hard disk drive free of charge and provide you with a diagnosis and a specific data recovery plan to assist you in getting your data back. We have over 20,000 hard drive donor parts in stock which means we can get straight to work on repairing your device!

A sample of the types of retrievable data

A small sample of common types of data which we can recover from ALL storage formats are as follows:

Operating Systems

We support recovery from all of these common Operating Systems:

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, MAC OS (all), Windows 11; also ALL Linux (ext2/3/4), VMFS, HFS/HFS+ and APFS systems.

Whatever the reason for your data loss, EADR can offer you an expert Data Recovery plan to cover all Data Storage Devices, Operating and File system types.

Call now on 01953 667977 and one of the team will help get your inspection under way.

Our Reviews

Great Service provided by EADR. After a very traumatic hard drive malfunction, they were able to save all of the stored information. Great communication throughout. Thank you!
Honor Houlding
12:51 10 Nov 23
My external hard drive stopped working. The first place I took it to told me the data couldn't be retrieved, which would have been a disaster. I got a second opinion who recommended EADR. I sent it off to them with fingers crossed. They identified the problem as physical damage and managed to fix it sufficiently to retrieve all the data and return to me by post on a new one. Exceptional service. Fast, friendly and honest. Thank you Alison and Steve.
louis pocock
14:16 08 Nov 23
After dropping my hard drive too many times I lost ALL my precious photos. EADR successfully and quickly retrieved them all for me and were very helpful with the process. Its an expensive business wherever you go but I completely recommend EADR for this service
Lorna Skinner
16:11 07 Nov 23
Fabulous service. My lost data was recovered swiftly to my great relief. EADR were so helpful and courteous. I have already recommended this Company to my friends.
Melvyn Helsey
08:29 04 Nov 23
Referred to the East Anglian data recovery service from Phase 4 computers.Managed to get every sorted, to them(east Anglian) and back in less than a week and got everything back for a reasonable price.If I ever need specialised help like this again I know who to call
Adam Waddington
13:41 03 Nov 23
Thank you Steve and Alison, for recovering all of my 10,000 photographs a life saver. I was kept informed from the moment my drive arrived at the workshop too the moment it left to be returned to myself. I hope i won't need your services again but i do it will heading to your good self's. Many thanks. Alan Bowes
Alan Bowes
12:45 03 Nov 23
I have no hesitation in highly recommending EADRS. We used them to recover data from a rather old and apparently corrupted external hard drive. In particular, we were desperate to recover some important family photos. After EARDS got to work, we can now access all the files, as far as I can see (but there are rather a lot!) As well as being highly effective in their work, EADRS provided an excellent level of service, being both speedy and keeping us informed every step of the way. I would certainly use them again if I have any future problems with data recovery.
David Barnes
09:19 03 Nov 23
EADR is one of those businesses that delivers truly exceptional customer service. I dropped off the hard drive on Thursday afternoon, on Saturday morning at 08:00 I had a list of the files on the drive. I collected the data on a new drive on Monday afternoon. Incredible service. This is a business I am very happy to recommend.
Murray Laidlaw
20:14 02 Nov 23
Fantastic service, recovered all of my files back when I had no hope!
16:39 02 Nov 23
EADR saved vital data after drives started to fail in my Raid 0 Array.I recommend EADR as a first port of call for any data related problems!They worked fast to diagnose the problem and communicated in a clear transparent way, as to the solution.
Scott Newstead
08:53 27 Oct 23
We use EADR for all our clients failed drives. The service from Alison and Steve is beyond reproach, bar none, the best. They have never failed us and doubt that they ever will. Just an incredibly high quality service with excellent customer focused service. Can't recommend them enough...
Alex Burckhardt (Geek Fix Harrogate)
13:13 23 Oct 23
Can’t recommend highly enough - couldn't be happier with the quality of service and experience of dealing with Steve and Alison!Having discovered my external hard-drive was submerged in an inch of water at the bottom of my bag (owing to a leaking water bottle…ggrrrr) at 4am I got straight onto google, did some research and was lucky enough to come across EADR - I emailed the team and received a response within an hour, which was incredible. Going from complete panic to, ‘there’s a plan’, all due to fantastic customer service.By 8am that morning my hard drive was in the safe and capable hands of Alison and Steve – from the outset I felt immediately reassured.They’ve seen it all before – ‘calm in crisis’ doesn’t do them justice.Their Professionalism, transparency and clarity of information was brilliant and gave me huge confidence that not only my personal data was in the safest place but I was dealing with people that really care about me. 24hrs later as promised, they were able to confirm all data was recoverable, and shared a web link for me to view the information gathered down to an indidual file level, which was amazingly was everything! I couldn’t believe it!A week after the event I’m just so grateful I came across Alison, Steve and EADR – I’ll be recommending them to everyone.Thank you again!Joe
Joe Thomson
12:23 02 Oct 23
We had an issue with an external hard drive which had lost power and wouldn’t read. It had everything from important business documents to precious family photos so we’re looking for a professional company that could help recover everything and that we could trust. We were given EADR‘s name by a local computer repair shop and from first contacting them had first class service and a new hard drive with everything restored back within a few working days. I was kept well informed throughout the process and the whole experience was excellent. I would definitely recommend using this company and would definitely use them again.
Vicki Horspool
12:22 29 Sep 23
5 Star service & very professional! I would definitely recommend them if you looking to have your important lost data recovered! First, I rang and Alison was patiently answer my questions and doubt! Secondly, Steve is really professional and have everything recovered for me within few days! Wouldn't be more recommend them!
PennyLooi DurianLadyInUK
14:51 28 Sep 23
Highly Recommended!My Portable hard drive was completely broken (along with ALL my data - back it up people!) and the team at EADR fixed it within days of receiving it - They retrieved all of my lost data much to my relief. They had been recommended to me by my regular IT guy, and personal endorsements are always what we as consumers want to go with! Their communication was clear and responsive, usually by email but by phone if required, and on visiting their premises I was impressed at their attention to info security for their clients. Their follow up after care is as equally diligent with emails to check in all is well in the weeks after repairs.Forensic repairs come at a price, but the data I retrieved was worth it!
kate Evans
10:02 27 Sep 23
Having, rather carelessly, not backed up some of my work, I was devastated when my computer hard drive failed. The local repair shop couldn't retrieve any data but suggested I try East Anglian Data Recovery. Desperate to try anything to get back my work, I gave them a ring. From start to finish EADR were friendly, professional and exceedingly fast. At every stage of the ticket, they kept me up to date. They gave me a breakdown of what they thought they could recover before I had to pay anything. To my absolute relief, all my data was restored onto an external drive and sent back within days. EADR even kept a copy on file just in case the drive got lost enroute. I don't know how they perform their magic but I cannot praise them highly enough. It was a complete pleasure dealing with a company who kept me informed and performed a miracle for me (when I thought all hope was lost). Thank you for saving my sanity.
Lynda Fox Transfers
16:43 19 Sep 23
Fantastic service from these people. Saved my data
Malcolm Holmes
15:13 09 Sep 23
As I stated in my email thanking Steve and Alison, it was a superb, and it has to be said, speedy service recovering the data from two very dead drives.Steve managed to get everything off the drives. It is basically our family photo archive and it would have been very sad for us to have lost it.It has now been copied onto three separate drives: once bitten twice shy!!Thank you East Anglian Data Recovery Services, I shall certainly, if the need arises, use you again and will strongly recommend you.
John Innes
09:28 24 Aug 23
It's like being washed up on a desert Island when you lose all your dataBut the good ship "East Anglian Data Recovery Services Ltd" rescued me for a reasonable cost and without any problems,Thanks
Doug newton
10:08 14 Aug 23
Top recovery company.
13:54 11 Aug 23
I thought all was lost on my remote drive, silly of me not to take more time backing up. Tried all sorts of data recovery software but got in touch with Alison and Steve and was very professionally guided through all the pros and cons on data recovery. Within a week of posting my drive I had a replacement drive sent back with ALL my date recovered.Fantastic service.many thanks againTom (in Glasgow)
Tom McIntyre
12:59 09 Aug 23
EADRS recovered all my data!!They were very easy to deal with; very organised and professional, lived up to every promise, did not mislead me, kept me informed, made sure I knew what they could and could not guarantee, what my options were and the costs involved. There was never any pressure to pursue something I did not feel comfortable about.Had to pay more than I had hoped to, but that was my choice in order to have the best chance of recovering some vital information and some precious memories. Well worth every penny I spent.
Derek Russell
12:03 09 Aug 23
I can thoroughly recommend EADR for all your data recovery needs. Steve and Alison provide an extremely professional, high-quality service. They succeed where others fail. Thanks again EADR.
Ian Minto
11:49 04 Aug 23
A very professional and friendly service. I can,t praise them highly enough. If I have another similar problem , EADR are on speed dial. I have total confidence in them!
michael white
12:33 03 Aug 23
EADR very efficiently saved the data from a 'dead' external HD with a broken case due to a fall. The service was fast and I was very pleased to receive my files back on a new device.
Alan Williams-Key
08:34 03 Aug 23
Everyone I dealt with at East Anglian Data Recovery Service were so helpful and responded to emails in good time. I had sent in an external hard drive to receive photos and I managed to get everything back. I would definitely recommend this place.
Arun Nagra
08:20 03 Aug 23
I contacted EADR on the advice of my local Gigante store when my hard drive suddenly stopped working. When I phoned up, Alison was already expecting my call. I then spoke via email to Steve who very clearly explained the process and that I wouldn't have to pay anything unless they found the lost data and even then it was my choice whether i wanted it back. The emails were prompt and he answered all my questions. He kept in regular contact and once he had found all my lost data and I had paid the fee they got it back to me really quickly. EADR is a very efficient and friendly service, just what you need when you have lost all your precious data! I would 100% recommend them to anyone in my position.
04:14 03 Aug 23
Brilliant service- was desolate at lost photos but much relieved to get 99+% back in a most rapid timeframe. Professional and was made to feel at ease.
Pete S
14:46 02 Aug 23
21:12 10 Jul 23
Very professional Firm, I gave them my corrupt SSD and in less than 48 hours I got results, the contents of the corrupt SSD was transferred to my external HDD, which I provided. The whole process was seamless and transparent. Kudos EADR
Gamaliel Eweke
15:24 10 Jul 23
Great service - efficient, fast and a great result with the recovery of almost everything off my totally dead hard drive. Very happy with EADR and would recommend to anyone who suddenly finds themself in the same horrible place of losing data! Thanks.
Anthony Brown
08:26 06 Jul 23
Fantastic service and friendly and helpful people.Sent a very badly corrupted hard drive to EADR for the recoveryof 15 years of my company information containing invoices, quotations, artwork etc. Data recovered, placed on a SSDand sent back.Would definitely recommend this company if you have a problem.
Lee Fox
08:33 05 Jul 23
I was referred to East Anglian Data Recovery (EADR) by a different computer repair service in my hometown of Huddersfield. This was due to EADR being capable of data recovery techniques that most computer repair shops do not provide.EADR provided excellent services from the very beginning, by calling me (my phone number was given to EADR via the computer repair shop in my hometown) and explaining what they do and the have me a rough estimate of the fees.I received regular updates of the whole process, and responses to my emails were quick and informative.I chose to pay a small additional fee for a new usb to be sent to me with my data on it, but you can ask them to send you the data by other means.I will definitely be using EADR again if the need arises.
08:17 05 Jul 23
I don't usually leave reviews that often, however I just wanted to let everyone know about the unbelievable positive service that I received from EADR.From start to finish the company were highly processional and kept me up to date with the progress of the recovery of my hard drive. The turn around of the work was speedy and I received my data back in approx. 1.week.I would use EADR again in a heartbeat.Kind regardsMr Ward.
ian ward
12:31 03 Jul 23
Absolutely and thoroughly professional service from start to end. The communication thoughout was exceptional keeping me updated with the progress rates and possible fees to be incured. E.A.D.R.S. were able to recover all of the information contained on my dead S.S.D. and I couldn't recommend them enough. Thank you Steve and Alison of E.A.D.R.S ltd.
Kingfisher Decor
17:08 02 Jul 23
Great service, not cheap - but it's the old adage of 'price versus value' - well worth the money to get your data back, particularly when you consider what you would have to spend in £'s and, more importantly, time to replicate the info. A slap in the face 'I MUST remember to back up my data!!' - fast service 2TB of info back in 3 days - recommended, thanks
Lee Johnson
11:41 01 Jul 23
My camera SD card failed while on honeymoon - took it to this company & the service they provided was second to none - got my photos - would highly recommend
Amanda Brown
10:31 01 Jul 23
After accidentally dropping my external hard drive I was unable to access it due to a fatal error being returned. I contacted East Anglian Data Recovery Services (EADR) who were extremely helpful. I had about 2 TB of data on the drive including all my photos and videos which I did not want to lose. They not only recovered all my data but kept me in the loop on every step of the process, providing me with all my data on a new external hard drive. EADR provide an excellent service and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of data recovery services.
David Allen
15:04 09 Jun 23
Its been a while since I received customer service anywhere that matched EADRS. From my first telephone contact with them, right through to finalisation of the job, everything was perfect. I needed data, mainly photographs, recovered from a 1TB hard drive that had failed. It was a relatively small job and I didn't expect it to be completed especially quickly - but it was. Their assessment of the problem was completed on the day I dropped the item off, and data recovery effected the following day, after I'd given approval to proceed. The hard drive was then posted back to me. The whole process was really efficient and, as far as I can tell, resulted in 100% data recovery. I'd have no hesitation in using the company again and would recommend them to anyone.
Phil Boswell
07:11 09 Jun 23
Very reliable, efficient and speedy service unlike the NAS device that failed on me!
Andrew Scarborough
22:04 08 Jun 23
The service was very professional and very quickly turned around for us! It literally saved our business as all our files were saved!Thank you for all your help!
Striptees Limited
13:49 08 Jun 23
Data recovery really is a specialist service and as much as your local "we fix every PC and laptop" might be very good at what they do, you wouldn't want them to work on a hard drive any more than you'd ask a GP to perform brain surgery on you.I have used EADR twice now- the first time to repair an impact damaged drive and unreliable USB stick and more recently to repair a liquid damaged hard drive. In the former case I got back over 95% of data and in the latter, 100%.If you have not used EADR before then you'll have the same problem I did the first time I needed help- you'll see dozens, maybe hundreds of sites all promising this, that and the other. Undoubtedly some of them will also be very good, but most aren't. Most (and I write from experience) are no more than general PC repairers who think they understand. EADR really know their specialist area to the finest possible levels and I would not trust anyone except them with such sensitive data. Ever. Give them a call, ask questions and they'll give you the honest answers then it's up to you what you do.
Derek Taylor
08:35 08 Jun 23
Excellent service. Professional people with great and fast communication. Very helpful. Thank you. Highly recommended.
Karolina Brzozowska
12:57 14 May 23
There’s only one thing worse than discovering that a hard drive is totally unresponsive & that is to find that the external drive that was supposed to be acting as a backup had also failed! However, my fears for the permanent loss of over two decades of photographs & innumerable spreadsheets of accounts for a variety of local organisations were unfounded once I had been recommended to contact EADRS by a local computer support business. Alison & Steve provided an excellent service, talking me through the process and providing detailed updates throughout the recovery period. In the end, they managed to recover every single file. I couldn’t have asked for a better service & support and would whole-heartedly recommend them to anybody who finds themselves in a similar plight!Thanks, team!
Richard Harris
14:14 12 May 23
Excellent service. Managed to restore our important documents. Saved us so much stress! Would highly recommend
Helen Ridgewell
08:36 12 May 23
very happy with the job you did for me
peter sutherland
17:24 11 May 23
I can not speak highly enough of EADR. The service I received was fantastic.A very professional team, easy to talk to and they showed a real determination to resolve my issue promptly.Thanks again guys. 👍🏻
John Stanley
16:20 25 Apr 23
Speedy and efficient service to recover data being beyond the capability of the local computer guy. Thought the data was lost, now most we have back.
17:29 28 Mar 23
Steve recovered some very sentimental videos from a DVD hard drive for my Dad. Incredibly efficient service, communication was first class.
Chris Moore
09:07 28 Mar 23
Two and a half terabytes of photographs and data needed to be recovered from an electrically blown 4TB Segate Barracuda external drive. My local specialist recommended eadr as he had reached his limit having diagnosed dintegrated firmware on the disc motherboard. So I bit the bullet after a few weeks of worrying about money (and my discharge from hospital after a nasty operation) and sent off the blighted disc to Dereham. A few emails back and forth to Steve and three days later a shiny new 5TB disc appeared along with my four years of photographs and other data. I only needed to send them some BACS numbers and it all worked out OK in the end! Thanks Steve & Alison.
David Leuty
07:13 26 Mar 23
An external hard drive with a huge amount of data had corrupted and I was concerned that I might have lost some irreplaceable photos and videos. I needn’t have worried. EADR were extremely helpful. They reassured me they would do their best to retrieve as much as they could. Over a few days, they identified the problem, sent me a comprehensive list of all the files on the drive and recovered all but a couple of them. A friendly personal service from a dedicated local team. I would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation
Paul Nightingale
17:03 25 Mar 23
EADR has exceeded my expectation as they have managed to recover not just some, but ALL my data from a completely dead SSD drive containing data that I simply could not have replaced. Their service is first rate with clear written explanation all along and timely updates and dispatch of recovered data. I would recommend them to all my business associates!
16:02 25 Mar 23
EADR have been extremely supportive and professional throughout my dealings with them. Their advice is impartial, well placed and for the good of their client.If, in the hopefully unlikely case, we require data recovery services in the future, we will certainly use them again and have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.Many thanks.
Artwork Media
13:10 23 Mar 23
Helpful and informative from start to finish. EADR came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Having thought I’d lost all of my family photos and videos, they managed to recover them! I can’t recommend them highly enough. Excellent, professional and efficient service *****
Kerry hayton
21:24 20 Feb 23
How much easier life is now that I have my files back! When I thought I'd lost five years of teaching resources I was certain I'd have to start again. East Anglian Data Recovery were recommended to me by my local computer repair shop and offer a fantastic service. Alison and Steve provided peace of mind from the initial phone call and through prompt and regular communication, with a very quick turn around on what to me was a very complex and intricate job. Their follow up 'after care' service is very unique. I'll be certain to recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in a similar pickle!Thank you again.
Kiera Senkel
13:01 18 Feb 23
14:27 12 Feb 23
I am very pleased to recommend EADR.They are professional, courteous, efficient. Their service was superb, prompt and with a check in or detailed information provided at every stage.And they recovered my precious data. Thank you so much.
Amanda McMurray
13:07 11 Feb 23
I can’t thank these guys enough. My data was fully recovered and delivered back within 2 days. They kept me updated all the way through and are really friendly. I would highly recommend them if you have a problem.Thank you very much.Chris
Chris Dodd
17:08 09 Feb 23
After recieving a ridiculous quote (thousands of pounds) from a large international company for data recovery on a hard drive we are so pleased we went with or gut instincts and asked for our harddrive back to send to EADR. From the first phonecall I felt we were in safe hands and that they would try their best. Thankfully our data was fully recovered but even if it wasn't I think I would still be happy that we had tried all options with them. The price was very reasonable and the communication was great and attentive. I only wish we had found them sooner and didnt waste weeks with the other company.
Rachel Tigges
13:17 31 Jan 23
Professional and fast service with all data retrieved successfully. Great communication and friendly team
Giles Mugford
15:00 28 Jan 23
I cannot thank EADR enough for the help and support they gave me in retrieving data I thought was lost forever. Excellent and efficient service, great communication throughout the whole process, thanks again
Tracy Neave
13:46 28 Jan 23
After having have a hard drive failure that contained operational data and then discovering that our backup system had been creating empty files for the previous 4 - weeks we thought we had a big problem. However EADR were highly recomended to us by an IT constultant that we have dealt with for a numder of years and from first contact with them we had the recovered files sent to us within 24 hours. All correspondance was promptly dealt with with concise replies and no payment was required until we were confident that the recovery was successfull. We couldnt have asked for any more.George Hutsby. STT
Specialist Tooling Technologies Ltd
16:21 09 Jan 23
I had a hard drive that corrupted. It contained many invaluable family photos and videos. My local computer data recovery service did not think they could help and recommended EADR. Took it up there and had back what was probably all my data (or at least what I could think was all of it) back on a new SSD drive within a week. Kept fully informed throughout. I don't usually write reviews but in this case it is well deserved. Many thanks to Steve and Alison for a great service.
Kevin Crosby
10:13 09 Dec 22
Will always recommend EADR to any of my customers with important data that needs to be recovered. Recently have done an amazing job for one of my customers. Have never let me down, super friendly, really prompt, couldn't recomend a company more than these guys. Thanks Alison and the guys at EADR 🙂
Joe Aguilar-Millan
17:10 08 Dec 22
A very professional service that communicates with you through every step of the process.Fast and effective data recovery service is exactly what they do, a service that I would highly recommend.I'm a customer that's chosen to write this review as I've been very impressed with their service.For anyone wondering, this company will send you a file list of what they can recover, then if you are happy for the recovery to proceed then that's when you pay for their service.
Laith Khalaf
15:54 07 Dec 22
When my 10-year-old external hard drive became unresponsive I entrusted it, with its many unique files of programmes we have made for the BBC to EADR. They successfully retrieved all the files, transferred them to a replacement hard drive and returned my files within a couple of days. They were most professional in all aspects of the work and I have no hesitation in recommending them wholeheartedly.Roger James ElsgoodCreative DirectorArt and Adventure Ltd
Roger James Elsgood
12:47 07 Dec 22
EADR did a wonderful job recovering the files on the hard drive I dropped. I would have lost all the photos of my mum for ever if they hadn't done this excellent work for me. I am extremely grateful for the brilliant work they did.
Wendy Pennington
12:44 09 Nov 22
Alison and Steve have given me wise advice and the service has been excellent. I have no hesitation recommending East Anglia Data Recovery Services Ltd to others with issues of data recovery.Sandy Inglis Architectural Solutions Suffolk
Sandy Inglis
10:19 09 Nov 22
I can’t recommend East Anglian data recovery services enough.There business/customer service has been second to none. The team are brilliant, talking me through what they will do to recover my data.The emails were always in depth and telling me all I needed to know and would reply within 10mins of receiving. What they have recovered is irreplaceable, so I couldn’t thank them enough. Kind regards Kerri
Kerri Carver
20:11 08 Nov 22
Having had this company recommended I cannot thank the team enough from the quick replies via email to the friendly telephone conversations we had regarding saving all our family memories from our broken inaccessible hard drive thanks to these guys we haven’t lost our data they are amazing will definitely use again (hoping we don’t need to )
Amie Morris
17:28 08 Nov 22
Excellent service from start to finish. Faulty hard drive with over 6 years worth of photos/memories was completely restored. Steve spent time explaining the process and was very patient with all of my questions! Alison was also very helpful and kept me well informed of progress. Obviously I hope you don't suffer any hard drive failures, but if you do then I would recommend EADR without any hesitation.
19:46 22 Oct 22
very professional approach, kept you updated at all times. they managed to access a damaged flash disc and retrieve all my son's college work and not overpriced either. well worth the money considering the hours of work lost. Very quick and efficient service.
Philippa Reynolds
19:56 21 Oct 22
What a fantastic service this company provides, I posted a totally unresponsive micro SD to EADR with nearly 2000 treasured unbacked up images. They recovered them all, to say I am over the moon is an understatement. Great communication through the whole process quick turnaround, no fix no fee not like some organisations.
Charlie Skelton
12:33 12 Oct 22
the team gave me a prompt, efficient and cost effective service in recovering data from a corrupted hard drive. I would heartily recommend! thanks again to you, Steve.
Carole Thomas
15:46 27 Sep 22
Great Service.Very Efficient and good communication throughout.Restored a hard drive for me that had electronically/mechanically failed.
Lee Stevenson
10:11 27 Sep 22
Brilliant service from start to finish, honest and upfront about costs, efficient and professional. I have photos back that I thought were lost forever, thank you EADR for recovering our memories.
Rob Reeves
16:08 26 Sep 22
I would highly recommend EADR, they are friendly, accommodating, efficient and I received and excellent service.
Terri Beacham
19:18 22 Sep 22
Excellent customer service. Great attention to detail. Clear desire to do the absolute best for the client.Highly recommended; I’d not hesitate to use EADR again.
Rachel Clarke
18:32 22 Sep 22
My dropped Samsung tablet held personal memory pics of my late father as well as other important stuff. Thankfully EADR wee able to recover all the data, for which I will be forever grateful. I cannot speak more highly of the service provided, quick, well communicated and excellent value. Many thanks. Kind regardsAlan W.
Alan Wright
08:52 03 Sep 22
Received a fantastic service end to end with EADRS Ltd. Will certainly recommend and use again in the future.
Liam Gallagher-Vaes
14:35 26 Aug 22
The level of service I received from EADR was nothing short of first class. From the moment I made my initial enquiry to the process of data recovery I received regular updates and technical feedback throughout. The staff couldn't of been more helpful and more importantly they recovered some very important information for me. They are definitely top of my list if I need this service again.
Steve McCaffer
10:02 26 Aug 22
Found some CDs on which I’d backed up photos and videos taken around 2002/04. They were completely unreadable by me, and my local computer specialist. Alison and Steve at EADR were unfazed, and from first to last contact were extremely clear, professional and friendly. They kept me informed at every step, and most importantly disentangled hundreds of images and returned them on a memory stick. None was lost. A brilliant service!
J Finlay
15:24 25 Aug 22
EADR will always be my 'go to' if I ever need to recover data in the future. My USB had 'fried' important data which was invaluable to my role. EADR were efficient, never over promised and kept me fully informed every step of the way. Excellent, professional service
sue whittall
09:10 24 Aug 22
My hard drive containing over 1tb of photos failed recently and on a recommendation I sent it to East Anglian Data Recovery Services Ltd for recovery of the data, which I hadn't fully backed up. The data was duly recovered from the faulty hard drive and sent to me securely on an encrypted storage device, Throughout the entire process Alison and Steve provided a prompt, efficient and friendly service. I would have no hestitation in recommending their services to anyone who requires recovery of their lost data
Andrew Locking
16:47 23 Aug 22
EADR are a great professional company. Staff are wonderful and go above and beyond to retrieve the data. Steve and Alison were very efficient and kept me updated throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend
Gabriella Foley
08:41 12 Aug 22
From the first call from Alison I knew I was in good hands. I was extremely stressed to have lost all my data and was instantly reassured that all possible steps would be taken to restore it. Steve kept me informed at all stages of the retrieval and I was relieved and delighted to receive it back quickly and most efficiently. I also thought that the cost was reasonable given the amount of data. I would unreservedly recommend EADR to anyone unfortunate enough to have lost data!
Elaine Arnold
08:17 22 Jul 22
Imagine how awful it is to find that both your main drive and your back-up drive have failed - at the same time! Thousands and thousands of important documents and photos going back to the 1940s.After the initial shock, I remembered EADR from about 5 years ago, when Alison & Steve resurrected my daughter's external drive, and so I contacted them again.The service was phenomenal and within a few days I had all of the files from both drives fully restored. The cost of doing this was incredibly good value and I would happily recommend EADR to anyone with data loss or drive problems.
Peter Duffield
15:50 12 Jul 22
The service I have recently received from Alison and Steve at EADRS has been second to none. After a first failed attempt of retrieving my damaged device locally, I sent it to EADRS and before I knew it, it was back in my possession with all data intact. I now have my life back! Excellent value for money and super speedy professional service - thank you both.
Andy Veitch
07:47 27 May 22
Tech Central
15:05 16 May 22
I bent and broke a memory stick and I was recommended EADR, and they were able to recover the data on it. They were efficient, helpful and unbelievably speedy. I sent the stick on Thursday and they were able to get me my data by Monday. They were totally transparent about costs and what would happen when. Overall a total pleasure to deal with.
Matthew Lowe
11:17 13 May 22
Many thanks for a wonderful, professional and friendly service with a successful outcome. I'll certainly be in touch if Cobalt needs data recovery services again.
Paul Reid
15:07 12 May 22
I was asked to 'fix' a dead external drive y one of my clients - obviously out of my expertise - so I contacted EADR. They were brilliant in terms of communication, clarity of what would happen at each stage and keeping me up to date of the outcome of each stage. They ended up recovering my clients entire external drive which they thought was gone forever - saving a lot of the clients personal memories. I would have no hesitation in using EADR again and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for data recovery experts.
Peter Robinson
09:54 12 May 22
Alison and Steve were recommended to me and I am delighted to pass on that recommendation. Brilliant service and really fast turnaround. I am now backed up to OneDrive so hopefully we won't have to work together again 😀
Alan Duggan
20:23 11 May 22
WOW this company are amazing - they managed to retrieve all my data in super quick time and communicated brilliantly all the way through the process....thank you Alison and Steve!!
Robert Girling
13:31 22 Apr 22
Alison and Steve at EADR are absolutely ace at data recovery.My old computers had been retained over the years (thankfully) as I upgraded my hardware regularly like you do. Sadly, not every IT guru I dealt with successfully transferred all my data with the upgraded hardware. Thus I had to resort of past hard drives to retrieve old data, but more especially the photos of my children as babies and through primary school which were not transferred when I moved over to laptops.I took all four drives to EADR and was given four detailed quotes. I then took a stab at the right hard drive to focus on which had a reasonable quote attached. Steve and Alison kept me informed at every stage and my data and photos were successfully retrieved within 48 hours of me instructing them to proceed.Fantastic service. They have made me so happy. Highly recommended.
Stella Gooch
11:55 23 Mar 22
Mark Cooper
08:57 15 Mar 22
very efficient service, couldn't have asked for anything better. Thanks for sorting my problem.
jeff Butler
12:35 04 Mar 22
Fantastic service, dead hard drive posted off to EADR and within days they'd extracted the data I'd feared lost. A speedy, attentive, considerate service, great communication & explanation - if only all customer experiences were this good! I would highly recommend EADR to anyone needing the services they provide & although hopefully I won't need their services again too soon, (hopefully I've learnt a hard lesson!)I would definitely point colleagues, friends & family their way. Many thanks!
Dave Young
19:36 28 Feb 22
Aimee Bywater
18:59 17 Feb 22
Absolutely amazing service, recovered all my data in record time and were so so helpful and kind. couldn't recomend them enough! <3
Alice Western
11:21 30 Jan 22

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