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About us

As a family run data recovery business, we have over 25 years of collective experience in the industry – which means we’ve dealt with most problems!

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Why should I choose EADR to recover my data?

With over 13 years of experience dedicated to working with failed hard drives, flash drives and all other kinds of storage device, we've encountered most scenarios - if there's a workaround, we'll find it!

Having the very best and latest data recovery tooling is only one part of the formula; when you entrust your work to EADR you are guaranteed that we will do our utmost to recover the information that you require, or we won’t make a charge.

We are considered a trusted data recovery specialist and we act as a referral centre or partner to many IT support companies and high street computer repair centres throughout the UK. We take our (and their) reputations very seriously and this means the client experience with us is paramount.

Once we provide a price to undertake your data recovery work for you, the price remains fixed for 30 days. It is our job to ensure that your device is diagnosed correctly – first time and every time. This is why we do not offer a “one size fits all” recovery cost, as every single case is quoted on an individual basis. We will never increase costs once quoted and that’s why we are proud of our reputation for integrity and transparency.

Our approach

We appreciate fully that data recovery is not a cheap fix, neither do we profess to being the cheapest company. This is why we offer a consultative approach as well as provide ball-park figures from the outset, so you can decide whether we are the right company for you. We prefer to offer our clients a premium, tailored service without cutting corners, which means that the standard of our work remains consistently high and the results are the absolute best we can give.

Our approachable but professional style has earned us the reputation of being a trusted data recovery partner to many computer repair shops, IT support companies and home users alike, who contact us because they want the best chance of recovering their valuable data safely, confidentially and efficiently. Other IT or data recovery companies may have tried to recover your data without success, but you can put your trust in EADR to go all out to get you the results you need in the most cost effective way possible. As experts in data recovery, we are always happy to provide a second opinion.

Steve looking up at drive heads

About Steve: MD and Principal Data Recovery Engineer

Steve has been involved in IT since the late 1980’s, managing computer repair and computer maintenance companies in London, Cheshire and Norfolk.

Data Storage has always been an area of interest but in the early 90s a specialist data recovery service was out of reach financially for many businesses (and most definitely for home users). Steve, being Steve, likes knowing exactly how things ‘tick’ in great detail, which fuelled the desire to learn more about storing data. Repairing hard drives and other electronic storage devices at a very in depth level was a natural progression.

In 2010 he fulfilled a growing ambition of offering a service which was accessible to a broader range of clients, not just exclusively at enterprise level, and EADR was launched.

Outside of work, Steve is a keen drone pilot, motorcyclist and F1 fan. He is also known to dabble with a synthesiser or two!

Alison with EADR sign

About Alison: Customer Service and Sales

Alison’s background is in customer service and sales, and knew that a company offering the EADR high standards would be welcomed by the tech community, as well as home users who wanted a company like us with whom they could communicate easily.

Alison ensures the customer journey runs smoothly, being that calm but friendly voice on the phone to reassure end users who may not have any experience or understanding of data recovery. An avid networker, she is the face and voice of the business. She also oversees the administrative functions of the business and is the first point of contact for our IT referral partners, making sure things happen when they are supposed to! Our handpicked team of colleagues also help us run our business smoothly in other areas.

From a very local start in Alison’s home county of Norfolk (we are proud to say those initial clients are still on board!) word spread about our top quality service and our geographical reach grew very quickly. We now have clients throughout the UK and in Europe.

Outside of work, Alison loves singing (whether she’s any good is debatable!), cycling, going to the gym and a good get-together with family and friends.

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