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Network Attached Storage or NAS devices are becoming increasingly popular due to both their commercial availability, price point and the ease of set up. For home users, saving your important data to a NAS device is an excellent way of storing larger volumes of data that you may not necessarily need to access all the time, such as film or music collections, or historical data. The NAS can be set up and data stored on a single hard disk drive, or on multiple hard drives in a RAID format (for more information on RAID Data Recovery, see our dedicated page here).

We have also seen an increase due to the overall change in working patterns; since the pandemic in particular, more people are either working from home full time or hybrid working. Many small and micro businesses use a NAS to store data, as it can be accessed readily from different locations.

As always, EADR will examine your NAS hard drive free of charge and provide you with a diagnosis and a specific data recovery plan to assist you in getting your data back.

If the worst happens and your NAS fails, contact the team at EADR as soon as possible on 01953 667977.

As with all physical devices the mechanical hard disk drives are still subject to failure. The most common causes that we see with NAS drives are overheating or power/voltage issues, however, being a portable unit these can still be dropped or knocked over, resulting in physical hard drive failure. In this instance, each individual hard disk drive would need repair/modification to enable access to the data. The type of RAID configuration involved (if there is more than one hard drive in the unit) will determine how many hard disks are needed to reconstruct the array and recover the data.

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We can recover from ALL NAS storage systems so if your particular brand is not listed, don’t panic – we can still help! The most common NAS are listed below:

  • QNAP NAS (All models)
  • Western Digital NAS (MyCloud, MyBook, Elements)
  • Synology NAS (All Models)
  • Seagate NAS
  • Buffalo (Linkstation/TeraStation)

Our NAS data recovery procedure

  1. Examine each hard drive (if there are multiples) and diagnose whether any necessary physical repairs/modifications are required to enable drive access.
  2. Make a sector by sector copy of each hard disk drive. The original drive(s) will always remain intact.
  3. Perform an analysis of the RAID, confirming RAID level and checking for parity.
  4. The RAID is reconstructed and a file listing sent to client for approval.
  5. Finalisation, data transfer to media and return to client.

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Whatever the reason for the data loss from your NAS device, EADR can offer you an expert and tailored data recovery plan, getting you back to work – FAST.

Call now on 01953 667777 and one of the team will help get your inspection under way.

What our customers say

Saved the bacon of a business client of ours who lost all accounts data.

Alison and Steve saved the bacon of a business client of ours who had a hard drive failure. managed to recover most of the data including all the sage accounts files. Steve kept us up-to date thought the process which allowed us to in turn keep our customer informed on the progress of the recovery of their data. Can’t fault EADR and will certainly use again if we have another customer in the same situation.

★★★★★ Daniel Potter, 4 years ago

Prompt professional service.

eadr helped recover all information from a crashed solid state drive recovering valuable information to our business. They were great at communicating and provided a very efficient and professional service.

★★★★★ One Planning Consultants, 6 years ago

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