Server/RAID Recovery

When time is of the essence, our emergency data recovery service works round the clock to recover your data. Talk to us NOW on 01953 667 977 to arrange a same-day delivery.

Server/RAID data recovery services

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Drives and EADR can recover data from your RAID, whether it is striped, mirrored, striped with parity, striped with double Parity or it combines mirroring with parity.

Servers that employ either a hardware or software based RAID structure to handle the storage of crucial data files across many disks, provide an excellent method of storing data for businesses.

However, these systems are still not “bullet-proof” in terms of data failure, as faults can arise due to design, technology limitations or inadequate implementation or support. This can cause catastrophic effects to your business/operation should they fail in an un-backed-up or vulnerable data state.

Recovering data from RAID arrays

Recovering data from these types of 'multi-disk' systems is far more difficult and time consuming, however, here at EADR we have developed expert RAID data recovery methods that can tackle the recovery and reassembly of very complex, high-performance RAID arrays.

Working with a RAID data recovery specialist means that your business has the minimum of inconvenience and down time to your operations. Our extensive knowledge of RAID systems allow us to zone straight in on the problem and get to work on recovering your data.

EADR has the ability to extract your RAW data from ALL formats and interfaces of drive types efficiently and effectively, allowing the reconstruction of your valuable and time-sensitive data to be as swift as possible.

We have a dedicated RAID repair area which means we can prioritise data recovery repair works to any faulty RAID system. Our emergency data recovery service means we will work round the clock on your case, getting your business up and running again quickly and keeping any downtime to an absolute minimum.  When time is of the essence we can help you arrange a same-day collection and delivery service within the hour, from wherever you are based in the UK.

Recovering 'lost' RAID Data

To eliminate the risk of causing further damage and delay, it is important to avoid attempting a “quick-fix” of the problem locally.

Regenerating the array or hot swapping hard drives may possibly solve the problem. However, we have found that on many occasions this can actually make the situation worse!

Remember ALL of the drives in a RAID array are generally of the same age and type; if one has failed naturally, then the others are probably not far behind. The added stress of rebuilding the array will generally finish the weakest of these off, leaving you in a far more vulnerable position and possibly even an unrecoverable one.

If your data is critical to the operation of your business, we would highly recommend that you place your faulty RAID into the hands of a specialist data recovery company who have the expertise to resolve the problem with the correct tooling and approach.

EADR has recovered data from all types of RAID set ups and generally speaking, we have found that there are extremely few RAID recovery scenarios that we have not already come across or are unable to recognise or indeed recover from.

Our server/RAID data recovery services will ensure that you get the best possible care and attention in the most efficient and timely way.

What do our customers say?

I can’t remember ever dealing with a firm that has better customer service than ‘East anglia data recovery’ , our hard drive had completely failed and you guys managed to recover all the necessary documents and your communication with us was excellentisimo!

Thank you so much for your excellent service, all wonderfully marvellous!

★★★★★ James Howard Jones, a year ago

Precious data recovered

Another company had tried to recover some very precious data from my damaged external hard drive, without success. They recommended EADR. From the minute I contacted them, they were wonderful!! Explained everything very clearly, gave me different options of things to try with different price ranges, kept me up to date with progress and what else could be done. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more. This is not a cheap process, but I guess it depends on what value you put on your lost data! For me it was well worth it to get back what we had lost. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Having a forensic accounting background, I knew someone would be able to retrieve it, I am so glad I found EADR!! 100% recommend.

★★★★★ Claire Louise Udall, a year ago

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