Inspecting a drive

Our process

From data distress to digital delight - here's how it works when you send your hardware to us.

Step 1: Get in touch

The fastest way to get in touch with us is by phone - you'll come straight through to a member of the team where you can discuss your data recovery requirements and work out the best way to get your device over to us.

Outline price ranges will be given, however, please note that at this early stage we cannot provide an accurate quotation without seeing your item. If you’re happy with the ball-park figures given, you are welcome to deliver the device to us in person if you wish, meaning we can make a quick start for you!

If you’re not lucky enough to live within driving distance, we’ll be happy to provide you with some detailed instructions on how to post it in or to request a collection, which can sometimes be arranged the same day. Please note there is a small charge of £20 for us to book a collection on your behalf using a local/national courier.

Steve inspecting a broken drive green light

Step 2: Inspection and diagnosis

When your device arrives it will be booked in on our system and allocated a unique case reference, which is quoted on all correspondence.

Our extensive testing procedure will be started straight away, the results of which will tell us exactly what the problem is so we can provide you with a firm price for data recovery fees and a  plan to move your case forward. This report will be sent to you by email, together with an accurate quotation (within initial prices quoted and fixed for 30 days) to carry out the works for you if you wish.

There is no obligation to proceed, just let us know and we can send your item back to you (return shipping fees will apply). Alternatively, if you have no further use for the item we can securely dispose of it for you instead.

Step 3: Data recovery process begins

If you are happy with your quotation, we ask you to confirm by email and we will commence works on your case as quickly as possible.

When we have performed the required works we will email you a full file listing of items recoverable to approve, so you can see what we have been able to recover from your device.

Once you approve the content of the file listing, the data is  transferred onto your preferred method of return storage media; the size and type will usually depend on the amount of data recovered, but would typically be a portable hard drive or USB stick. This can be provided by us at cost or supplied by you, the choice is yours. Smaller size recoveries can be transferred by password protected electronic file sharing, which is really helpful for clients with urgent items as it is instant.

Step 4: Finalisation and return

Once our engineers are happy that the data recovery process is complete and correct, and you have agreed a full file listing of recovered items, we will contact you to arrange payment so we can return your data to you either by Royal Mail Special Delivery, next-day courier service or electronically.

Please note that we only used tracked services which require a signature upon receipt. Unless otherwise instructed, we will encrypt your media for security purposes in transit.

Get in touch

To find out if we can help recover YOUR data, call us on 01953 667 977 or email us at to arrange an inspection of your faulty device. We will be able to provide you with a no-obligation quotation within 24 hours of receipt.