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External hard drive data recovery

Accidents will happen, and sadly it's an all-too-common occurrence with external (portable) hard disks. If the worst should happen and your external hard drive is dropped, takes an impromptu 'bath' or just becomes unrecognisable by your computer, EADR can assist you in recovering that important data.

Inside the plastic casing, your external hard drive works in the same way as a standard hard disk drive, but depending on its age, capacity and physical size, it may have it’s own power supply or be USB powered (even connected straight to the controller board).

Although external hard drives are marketed as “back-up drives” it does not mean they are infallible nor subject to the same failures as your PC disk drive. Many clients place important data onto an external hard drive to create space on a slow-running older computer, but this simply isolates the data as it is only in one place.

EADR are experts at recovering data from all makes of external hard drive, e.g. Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, Toshiba, Hitachi, Buffalo, Iomega, LaCie and many others. Talk to us today if you have lost data from your portable drive!

Top 5 most common reasons for external hard drive failure

  1. Being dropped – it’s so easy to do; a trip up, the hard drive falling off a table/sofa, being carried from room to room on top of your laptop…not to mention boisterous pets and excited youngsters getting caught up in cables! If your external hard drive is clicking or beeping and has been dropped, recovering the data may involve repair/replacement of internal components. At EADR we have full clean chamber facilities and the latest tooling, meaning we can do this safely and efficiently.
  2. Impact – Many clients keep their external drives in their bag/holdall whilst travelling, which leaves them subject to being bumped. Hard drives are very fragile, so if an external hard drive suffers an impact, you may require assistance in replacing heads or changing bearings.
  3. Liquid damage – Transferring documents whilst enjoying a coffee (or dare we say beer?) Accidental damage in this way is so common; the key to successful data recovery for liquid damaged hard drives is acting fast before corrosion starts on the electronics of the external drive.
  4. Not being recognised in main computer – this can be for many reasons but we find that many are due to corruption and also incorrect use of the external hard drive, e.g. removing the cable abruptly whilst in use. In this situation EADR can assist with advanced repair of firmware modules to get that data back for you.
  5. Broken connection – sometimes this occurs due to impact but can also be caused by trying to force an incorrect cable into the socket (you might see a bit of smoke in that instance too). Not only does this connection need to be repaired, it may even damage the electrical components on the external hard drive. As experts in microsoldering, we can replace components on the controller board and recover your data for you.

Our reviews

Memory saver

You get that sinking feeling. Your external hard drive clicks and won’t open. 20 years of photos lost (I know should have backed up!!) A quick Google search. Maybe just maybe there is a solution. EADR saved the day with their 5 star service. Professional and prompt we had our data back in a few days. Not cheap but hey you can’t put a price on lost memories, worth every penny.

★★★★★ Mick Thawley, 3 years ago

Fantastic service

We were put in touch with EADR by our local computer shop and I am so glad that we put our damaged external hard drive in their hands!

Everything was explained in detail through out the process with Alison and Steve keeping in constant contact. Fortunately all of our photos and data from over 15 years was recovered. This is an invaluable service that this company provide and I recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.

★★★★★ Jackie Woodcock, 4 years ago

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