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Following a hard drive failure I was referred to EADR. Alison quickly understood the urgency with which I needed access to my files, and instructed me on how best they should receive my kit. Steve assessed the problem next day and had recovered my data shortly afterwards, transferring it to a new hard drive ready for use. Throughout my experience, my expectations were managed with clarity, and I'm grateful for a job well done. Thank you.

★★★★★ Ed Lugg, a week ago

Been email to them explained what happened with SanDisk Memory Card this time I accident spill the tea direct to SD card.

Until they gave me their business address then I posted it. Until next few days because they don't work on weekend until they quick resolved it and sent me back as everything goods, no issue problem.

Would recommended to two of EADR staffs and always updating the progress with other few optional to give customers decision. Now relief as most all back.

Will use your service again if need to repair it or restore it. This is MUST be one, not other companies.

Thank to you both!


★★★★★ BigMekBoy, 2 weeks ago

Catastrophic failure of an external hard drive which ws around 15 years old. The data was not backed on the cloud so recovery of any data from elsewhere would have been nigh on impossible. Within a week EADR had recovered all the data and although a few photographs were corrupted everything else was there.
EADR saved me hours and days of work and the modest cost was worth every penny! Of course I now back up everything!!
Great personal service from Alison and Steve whose service significantly exceeded expectations and 10+/10!
Thank you.

★★★★★ Michael Baxter, 3 weeks ago

I forwarded my laptop hard drive to EADR last week, as it had become mechanically damaged. Given that this was not backed up, I would be forced to repeat my final year at university if not recovered.

EADR managed to recover all of the data from my damaged drive and were extremely helpful and punctual throughout the communication process.

I could not recommend them more !

★★★★★ Kiefer Brown, 4 weeks ago

Alison and Steve were so helpful from the very start. We had our hard drive fail on a work PC and we hadn’t backed up! The team at EADR were so helpful and sympathetic. I can’t praise them enough. Communication was perfect and consistent - would give 10 stars if I could! All data recovered!

★★★★★ Karl Hopkins, a month ago

Alison and Steve were so helpful from the very start. We had our hard drive fail on a work PC and we hadn’t backed up! The team at EADR were so helpful and sympathetic. I can’t praise them enough. Communication was perfect and consistent - would give 10 stars if I could! All data recovered!

★★★★★ Karl Hopkins, a month ago

EADR successfully retrieved all my lost data on my external hard drive. I was extremely happy with the service I received, it was a quick and professional process and I would highly recommend this company. Thank you, Steve and Alison.

★★★★★ Elaine Haughton, a month ago

I enjoy tinkering with computers and had setup a home server to use for all our family to use as well. Storing all our family photos and home movies on.

After a stupid blunder by myself, I had managed to blow one of the PCBs of one of the hard drives. The whole system was down and all our memories gone.

One phone call to East Anglian Data Recovery, put me more at ease. Explaining my situation and they offered advise without ever being pushy.

I sent the drive to them, and had a very quick response to acknowledge them receiving the drive. I was sent regular updates about the process and within a day or two, the issue had been found and a plan put in place.

They offered different options and gave me all the information I needed to make a decision. I decided to go for a new drive and full data extraction after the initial drive had been repaired.

The drive was returned in a timely manner with a secure method of delivery, meaning the drive could be delivered to me and only me. I was also offered additional advice, if I needed it, to get the server back up and running. And it was as simple as plug and play and I was back up and running with all our family data back available.

From friendly service to quick, effective and surprisingly affordable costs. I cannot recommend East Anglian Data Recovery enough. I hope we are never in this situation again, but if we are I know exactly who I will be going to.

Thank you again and again

★★★★★ Peter R, a month ago

I needed to try and recover data from a failed hard drive and my local computer repairer only uses this company, who were thorough in their work and detailed in all their communications, keeping me informed of progress. They were fast but also comprehensive, and returned the recovered data the next day after the job was completed. Highly recommended, hopefully won't need them again but would not hesitate to do so if needed

★★★★★ Peter Duxbury, a month ago

Fantastic service and communication. Recovered my hardrive with no issues. Highly recommended.

★★★★★ Casey Hiphop, a month ago

Fantastic! Great communication and fast service. Alison and Steve were very helpful and were always available to answer any questions. They were able to retrieve 100% of my data and offered a very professional service. Thank you so much!

★★★★★ Garry Butler, a month ago

Cannot recommend highly enough, excellent service and very knowledgeable and helpful at every step of the job. 10/10

★★★★★ DaveRaptor, a month ago

We used East Anglian Data Recovery Services Ltd recently to retrieve our data from a damaged hard drive. The service was excellent. They communicated with us throoughout the whole process. Kepping us up to date with there timeline and progress. Couldn't recommend them enough.

★★★★★ Max Leveridge, a month ago

I had a hard drive which I had been unable to use due to formatting problems for several years. I had gone through several other ways of recovering but no luck when someone recommended East Anglian Data Recovery Services. They were professional, efficient and managed to get all my data back. They provided such detail and always offered the opportunity to chat with them and ask questions so you could feel confident in entrusting them with your data.
Would totally recommend. If you're unsure drop them an email and I'm sure they would do all they could to help.

★★★★★ George Porter, a month ago

I had a network drive that had failed, and tried with my local computer shop to see if they could recover the data. They couldn’t, but gave me a leaflet for EADR. I was sceptical at first, having never used a service like this before, but 20hrs worth of photos were on the drive, so needed to give it a go. I called them and Steve was extremely helpful on the phone, and gave me full confidence to proceed with sending my drive to them for them to assess and let me know what could be done. I sent the drive recorded delivery, and received an email to say they had received it, and set up a reference number straight away for the job, and I immediately felt confident about the professionalism and friendliness of the company. Within 48hrs, Steve had assessed the drive and sent me a VERY detailed report, and what needed to be done to start the recovery process. He also detailed any costs that I would incur, even though they have a no recovery no fee promise in place, I did have to purchase a donor drive for the work to start, as mine had seized, and need parts to get the drive working to recover the data. After approx. a week, during Christmas 2023, I was sent an email with a file attached with ALL my pictures recovered, and to check all were there, before they proceeded to copy them on to a new drive ready to be returned to me. I was absolutely over the moon to have all my photos back, from the last 20yrs. I have since learned my lesson, and have several back ups now, but their service was outstanding. The Steve and Alison were extremely helpful, and Steve’s knowledge of the drive and repair needed was second to none. I would definitely recommend their service to family and friends in the future. Thank you.

★★★★★ Tim Gardner, a month ago

EADR were able to restore the files from a corrupt hard drive that contained 20 years of photos. A great service I would recommend

★★★★★ Caroline Huxford, a month ago

I had a corrupted flash drive that contained all my work for the last 20 years. I contacted East Anglia Data Recovery Services and sent them the drive. They recoverd some 95% of my data much to my relief. They were very professional throughout and resolved my issue in a quick and efficient manner. I would not hesitate to use them again should I have a similar issue.

★★★★★ Patrick Gleeson, a month ago

Helpful from the first phone call. Great communication every step of the way. Quick response to any queries or questions. Helped me get my lost memories back. Would highly recommend.

★★★★★ Kirsty Cooper, a month ago

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