The Story of East Anglian Data Recovery

Why Specialise in Data Recovery?

We are a dedicated, privately owned specialist data recovery company which commenced trading back in 2010. After numerous years in the IT industry, the directors recognised there was a gap in the market for affordable specialist data recovery, done the RIGHT way. Too many clients were losing out on recovering their data not only due to both cost implications, but also because computer repair professionals did not know who to recommend to ensure the best data recovery experience.

Our aim was not to cut corners or be the cheapest, but to provide an premium service to both home users and business clients looking for the best chance of recovering their valued data. Using our combined extensive experience of repairing and maintaining computers and customer service, we have invested heavily in industry-leading tooling and the correct facilities, and EADR was “born” in June 2010.

We began our journey as most businesses do by starting off working on a local basis, offering a data recovery service in the Norwich, Norfolk and East Anglia region. However, we very quickly grew beyond our own region and now boast an extensive customer base which reaches all over the UK and into Europe.

In 2011 we built our own workshop, increasing our working capacity by four-fold to enable us to work more efficiently. However, within a year we had already outgrown it, and in early 2013 we took on our first business premises in Attleborough, Norfolk.

The move to commercial premises enabled us to continue our growth, but after  9 years we eventually outgrew that too. We moved to our current (and only) location in Dereham, Norfolk, in March 2022. 

The bulk of our work is on computer hard drives, both desktop and Laptop. We have invested very heavily in specialist tooling and equipment to enable us to work with the drives at service area level, meaning that we can access firmware modules and gain access to previously inaccessible drives. We also have Class 100 Clean Chamber facilities, allowing us to repair hard drives at a hardware level; a large percentage of our work is mechanically failed drives requiring head stack replacements, which many customers send in to us stating “we are their only hope”!

Our tooling range extends to RAID Arrays throughout all levels, including home, NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SOHO Mini Servers, as well as a dedicated “Flash” data recovery area, meaning we can work with all USB and SSD devices.

At EADR we are a bit old school and still believe the best way of helping clients is to talk to them in person. On a daily basis we are dealing with enquries from personal and business customers who have suffered some form of data loss, and are looking for advice at retrieving their valued information. Because of our preference to provide a tailored and individual service, we  don’t automate responses. We are always happy to help and offer our assistance and advice.

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