All That Clicks is not a Mechanical Head Failure

Here at EADR we see many hard drives described on the phone to us as “clickers”. Usually, it’s assumed there’s a problem with the read/write head or some other mechanical issue. However our experience says it could be something entirely different!

Recently a customer phoned us in panic – their hard drive had failed. It was clicking and they’d taken it to a computer repair company – after all, they’d be able to recover their data. It turned out that wasn’t the case. The business couldn’t do the job and told the client their drive had a mechanical issue needing specialist attention, which is why they called us.

We examined it and the drive wasn’t accessible, however, some routine diagnostics coupled with many years of experience led us to find the main Controller on the Printed Circuit Board was to blame. So we transferred the adaptive data to a replacement PCB – and, bingo, we could get at the drive! Furthermore, we were able to recovery all their data. Plus there was no need for us to open the drive up so we were able to keep costs right down.

If you’re faced with a clicking hard drive and worried about data loss, always seek professional advice from a data recovery specialist. In experienced hands you’ll have the best possible chance of recovering your precious information. Such specialists should provide you with a free, no obligation inspection service. This means they’ll report the exact fault and quote for recovery. It also means you’re free to walk away at no cost other than maybe the shipping to send your drive back to you.

Computer repair businesses are not the same as data recovery specialists. We know and do stuff they simply cannot. Catastrophic data loss doesn’t have to be a spectre haunting you. If you want to know how then give us a call for completely free, no obligation advice. And if you’d like to know more about what we do, just ask. EADR – The Data Recovery Specialists.

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