Case study: No power to hard drive

Totally dead drive, but EADR recovered 100% of data. (13 Aug 2015)

Hard drive windings broken

This 2.5” laptop hard drive was sent in to us by a computer shop as it was not booting up; in fact when we tested it, there was no power going through the drive at all, it was completely dead.

When we examined the hard drive as part of our free diagnosis and quotation service, we discovered that the motor windings themselves were crushed and broken! In over 12 years of recovering data, this scenario had not arisen before so it was a first for us, it’s a good job we love a challenge!

We removed the printed circuit board (PCB) to enable us to re-solder the motor windings. The hard drive was then re-tested, and after the replacement of a small capacitor that had blown, we were able to gain access to the data using our specialist equipment. One more happy customer, with 100% of their data successfully recovered.

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