Data recovery from Apple hard drives

EADR work with all operating systems including Apple - we can recover your data. (11 Apr 2017)

iMac data recovery

Apple devices are increasingly popular, not only due to their sleek good looks and the ease of use of the operating system. They also link seamlessly from device to device, such as iPhone to Watch to iPad. Whilst the hardware itself is generally reliable, Apple themselves do not manufacture mechanical disk drives, so if you have an older Mac then chances are it has a standard hard disk drive inside.

To a data recovery specialist, working with Mac hard disk drives is no different to any other, and they are subject to the same failures as PC hard drives. Whilst data recovery software methods can help in the simplest of data loss scenarios such as accidental deletion, should your Apple hard drive suffer a fall, or an electrical surge of some sort, then you may require the services of a data recovery expert.

MacBook Data Recovery

If you have suffered data loss from your MacBook (SSD or standard hard disk drive) then we have advanced tooling and technology to recover the data for you. With newer models of MacBook, the solid state drive storage is built in to the motherboard, so we will typically need to repair the original electronics to effectively recover your data. Older models are more likely to have a removable solid state drive or mechanical hard drive, which means that all you need to do is send the drive in to us. If we can recover the data for you, we will place the data on to a USB device or share it with you electronically.

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