Out of hours emergency data recovery

When data is critical and time is tight, speak to us about our Priority Data Recovery Service - we work round the clock recover your data. (28 Aug 2015)

Repairing hard drive heads

Picture the scene; its 4.30 on Friday afternoon, you've just been working all week on that important project, ready to hand it in on Monday - phew.. You saved it onto your portable hard drive, your colleague brushed past your desk and BAM! - your hard drive has just crashed onto the floor. It's clicking like crazy and your IT department have exhausted their options. Its time to seek expert data recovery help!

As we all know, hard drives are not discerning about the time of day that data loss occurs. At EADR we understand the inconvenience and distress that losing data causes, and although technically our office closes at 6pm on weekdays and 11am on Saturdays, outside of these hours we are still contactable by email and can access telephone messages left, meaning we can respond quickly to make special arrangements for you if you have an emergency data recovery situation.

This applies to evenings, weekends and of course bank holidays.

Urgent Data Recovery - Priority Service

For those clients who's data is quite simply "mission critical" and cannot wait, we offer a priority data recovery service. Wherever you are based in the UK, we can despatch a dedicated courier to your home or business address within the hour to collect your faulty device (or of course you can deliver it to us in person). Whatever the time of day, we'll be here ready and waiting to admit your device and commence the process of data recovery  on your hard drive,  working round the clock to recover your data.*

This service is best suited to businesses who simply cannot afford to be without their data and need it back with the minimum of downtime. We  have performed emergency data recovery for many clients who quite simply are at a standstill until we can get their data back.

*This service does attract a non-refundable surcharge, and these cases would also not be covered under our no recovery, no fee policy.

If you require urgent assistance, please contact us straight away on 01953 667977 or send a message through our contact page - these are managed out of hours too.

Get in touch

To find out if we can help recover YOUR data, call us on 01953 667 977 or email us at info@eadr.co.uk to arrange an inspection of your faulty device. We will be able to provide you with a no-obligation quotation within 24 hours of receipt.