Sending your device for data recovery

Your data is precious - make sure your drive is snug and secure. (5 May 2015)

Shipping Form

If you are sending in a device in to a specialist data recovery company (particularly mechanical hard drives) with a view to recovering your important data, it stands to reason that your information is valued by you. Due to the fragility of hard disk drives, we would recommend the following steps...

The correct way to send your hard drive

Packaging your hard drive securely and correctly will help protect it from further damage while the device is on the way to us. Simply placing your hard drive or USB stick in an envelope or even a padded envelope does not offer adequate protection. Mechanical hard disk drives should be wrapped carefully in plenty of bubble wrap (a good 1 -2 inches in thickness), before being placed in a small, sturdy suitably sized cardboard box. A nice snug fit will mean the device will not rattle around in transit.

The cardboard box should be plain and unmarked, apart from our address details. However, if you are being environmentally friendly and  using a recycled box, then any writing, address labels, bar codes or logos must be completely obscured with packing tape or permanent marker pen.

Finally, please ensure that you have printed off and enclosed your shipping forms.

If you do not have access to a printer, that's no problem! Please submit the form as usual (we receive a copy by email) and enclose your name, address, email and phone number on a sheet of paper inside the box instead.

What happens next?

As part of our ISO 9001:15 process, we will email you and confirm your device has reached us safely, notifying you of your unique case reference (this reference will be on all your future communications from us). Without the correct information it is not possible to do this straight away, and can cause delays to us starting our data recovery investigations while we have to identify your parcel by other methods. EADR cannot accept responsibility for delays caused when packages are received without this basic information included.

We can arrange a collection if you prefer

If you are unable to send your item in to us, EADR can arrange a collection for you using a recognised National Courier Service. This is a no frills, next working day service and as such offers tracking only and no liability insurance whatsoever. Please understand that if you accept the terms presented to you upon requesting a collection, will be undertaken completely at your own risk. EADR Ltd cannot and will not accept any responsibility or liability should your item be lost or damaged whilst in transit.

Get in touch

To find out if we can help recover YOUR data, call us on 01953 667 977 or email us at to arrange an inspection of your faulty device. We will be able to provide you with a no-obligation quotation within 24 hours of receipt.