Using a specialist data recovery service

Why working with a data recovery specialist can save you time, money and stress. (27 Feb 2018)

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The word specialist can strike fear into people. Possibly because it makes a problem seem more serious,  or maybe it’s because they associate specialist works with a higher price tag.

But what is it that makes a specialist, and even more importantly, a good one? 

If you ask a search engine “what is a specialist” you will find that it is “a person who focuses primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field”.

Why should I use a data recovery specialist?

If you have an issue with your computer, the likelihood is that you will take it to your trusted IT provider or computer repair centre first and that is exactly the right thing to do. These superstars will be able to give your laptop or PC a really good look over and establish whether it’s a hardware or software issue that is causing your problem. In a way, they are like GP's for your computer, as they have a very broad knowledge of all things IT and can get you out of trouble with the vast majority of issues in a cost effective way. They will be able to provide preventative care for your computer or laptop, ongoing maintenance and the right products to keep things running smoothly.

However, when it comes to physical hard drive faults then the recommended and best course of action is to be referred on to specialist data recovery company. The  complexity of hard drives and SSDs require expert knowledge, specialised tools and working environments to work with them at component level.

Whilst clearly it is not a life or death scenario as it could be when dealing with health matters, for many clients their data is mission critical and losing it could be completely devastating, either on a sentimental level, or it could be catastrophic to their business.

At EADR we are regularly contacted by businesses with failed hard drives which come from small and seemingly insignificant computers. However, those hard disk drives contain bespoke and (now) completely unsupported software which which forms an integral part of the production chain that their entire manufacturing processes are run on.  These businesses could find themselves at a complete and utter standstill with potential software rewriting costs running into tens of thousands of pounds. This is when specialist Data Recovery comes into its own. Working with ‘legacy’ equipment to recover data from faulty hard drives and RAID arrays which require repair and recovery can ultimately save the day, not to mention manufacturing downtime, money and business reputation.

The costs of using (or not using) a data recovery specialist

Please also bear in mind that when working within some data recovery scenarios and on a device that’s degrading fast, there’s a high probability you’ll only get one shot at getting the data back. This is when you will have to make that all-important decision as to who you will put your trust in to make sure you’ve got the best possible odds. Which data recovery company is best for you?

Performing “open surgery” on hard drives should only be carried out by experienced personnel who have the correct tools and techniques that have often been acquired over many years and also have the right environment to do so. Removing the tamper screws and the lid from a hard drive outside of a clean chamber will inevitably introduce contamination. It only takes a speck of dust (which is almost invisible to the naked eye) to find its way on to the platter surface and this can spell complete disaster, rendering your hard drive and it's data beyond recovery.

The main question clients ask is about costs. Working with a data recovery specialist, whilst it does of course have associated fees attached, is often not as expensive as they think. In fact, it can end up saving both time and money. If you think about it, you’ve ended up at the data recovery specialist’s door because all your previous efforts to solve the problem have not been successful. This shouldn’t mean that they have carte blanche to charge you exorbitant rates or take advantage of their position. However, acquiring the extensive skillset to be able to solve the problem that you have, and the responsibility of being perhaps the only person to get you out of the hole you’re in, should be rewarded fairly.

At EADR we work on a transparent basis and we are always happy to provide a price range for prospective clients to consider. (A firm price cannot be provided until we have inspected and tested your device). We understand that using a data recovery specialist service will to most be a once in a lifetime experience, so we try and make that process as painless as possible. You can talk to our friendly team who will explain the process  as plainly as possible, and help you arrange your inspection for you.

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