Dead hard drive (a challenge!)

Read how we brought this very dead hard drive back to life. (8 Sep 2015)

Hard drive PCB for repair with tool

This hard disk drive was sent in to us because it was reported as being completely non-responsive - and it was definitely Dead on Arrival!

Upon performing our initial checks we discovered there was no terminal access to the hard drive to allow us to perform a total and thorough diagnosis for data recovery.

Data Recovery Tricks

Sometimes we have to use little tricks to fool a hard drive into giving us what we want. This photo on this post depicts the shorting of the read channel on a Seagate Hard Disk Drive’s PCB(printed controller board). If carried out correctly and at the right time, this would give us access to the terminal command prompt and also additional diagnostic and repair commands, meaning we can get to work with the hard drive and recover the information.

The result in this instance (and many more of the same) was a full 100% successful data recovery and a very happy customer.

If you would like to try and recover data from a hard drive which is not powering up, please feel free to talk to us about arranging your inspection. You can call us on 01953 667977 or complete our contact form, and one of the team will be in touch. 

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