How Do I Check My Data has been Recovered?

Now that you have accepted the quotation and terms with your data recovery specialist, the next stage in the process is for them to recover your data for you. As data is a very personal thing, it is ultimately down to yourself to know what is on your hard disk drive. In our experience we generally find that most of our clients do not remember the extent or quantity of what they had stored on their hard drive, except for particular items they are looking for, or maybe what they were working on when the drive failed. It has also been compared to in the past as like having your house burgled, you don’t know what is missing until you go to try and find it! We do find that by far the best way forward is to provide a list of everything which is recoverable, and for us personally we use whenever possible, an html document for our clients to check through. This html document generally contains the same file structure as the original drive, so clients would be able to check folders as they were saved previously. By this point, we would have randomly checked a number of documents, photographs etc. to ensure that they open fully and correctly. Included in the html listing would be the iProblem folder, which are items which have been detected to have had errors. These items would open, but would contain errors, such as photographs not opening fully.

At this stage it is important to confirm that all the data that is needed is present and correct. If there are particular items missing then we have the ability to go back and perform further checks to see if it is recoverable. We would continue to do this until our clients are happy or on occasion, if the drive does not yield the data required, then they have the right to exercise our no recovery, no fee scenario. The next stage in the process is to transfer the recovered data on to a desired source of media, on most occasions an external USB 3.0 hard drive, for return to the customer by courier/special delivery.

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