Lost data from iMac

If you rely on your computer, there are few things worse than losing vital data from your hard drive. If your computer has suffered physical damage, it’s experienced a cyber attack or the hard drive has simply worn out, data can easily be lost from the device, causing you potential problems both personally and professionally.

Though it’s not always possible to recover data from a damaged iMac, most of the time at least some of the lost information can be retrieved. If you’ve recently dropped your iMac, spilled water on it, been infected with a virus or woken up to find out your computer is dead, here’s what you need to do next.

Call in the professionals

Unless you have an in depth knowledge of IT, it’s always best to call in the professionals as soon as you realise data has been lost. If your computer has been immersed in water, a professional may be able to limit the damage. If it’s suffering a cyber attack, they may be able to contain the virus and if the hard drive has failed a professional will be able to recover as much data as possible before the device dies for good. The sooner you get your iMac to a data recovery professional, the sooner you’ll know just how extensive the loss is.

Lost Data from iMac

Have your iMac collected

Instead of traipsing down to a computer repair centre, select a professional data recovery service, like EADR, that collects your iMac directly from you. As well as saving you valuable time, this will ensure you use a company that specialises in recovering lost data from iMacs instead of just a generic computer repair shop. If you’ve already called in the office tech support team, they may well use a specialist like EADR if they’re unable to recover the data using conventional methods.

Be patient

The time it takes to analyse and retrieve lost data from iMacs will vary depending on the severity of the damage and the amount of data that’s been lost. Once you’ve dispatched your machine to your chosen data recovery specialist, you may have to be patient. If the data is needed urgently, we’ll do our best to retrieve it as quickly as possible, even working through the night if you simply can’t wait.

Though most of the time we’ll be able to recover at least a portion of the lost data, occasionally the iMac will be too damaged for even a specialist to succeed. In these instances, you won’t have to pay for the recovery if you choose to send your machine to EADR.

To find out more about recovering lost data from iMacs and other devices, explore our site or contact a member of our team.

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