Our genuine, no recovery – no fee policy

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One of the most common questions we are asked at EADR is what happens if you are unable to recover the data I want? Will I still have to pay regardless?

The simple answer to this is a big NO………

At EADR we believe the fairest way to operate is to take the risk on ourselves. We do not believe it is in the interests of the client to make any payment for our time and expertise, only to be told that we cannot recover their data. Therefore there is no upfront charge or deposit required for to make the attempt of recovering your lost information. If you are in the unfortunate position of having a hard drive that is so severely damaged that it is not recoverable by ourselves, the only fee payable is that of returning the drive to you by either courier or post, should you require the item back.

There are only two exceptions to this scenario. Firstly, if the hard drive has been previously opened, by either the client, a computer repair shop or even another data recovery company. Due to the fact that we are unaware what has been done to previously attempt data recovery, this makes the situation a lot more difficult for us to accurately diagnose and therefore we are unable to include this under our no recovery, no fee policy. We would normally make a charge up front for the donor parts only, because the chance of data recovery success greatly drops when the hard disk has been opened in the wrong environment or worked with previously.

The second exception is if we do not hold the particular donor drive in stock, this generally happens when working with rare and obscure hard drives and we have to source the correct donor drive and make this purchase on your behalf. This is not a very common occurrence, as we have an extensive donor library at our disposal. The cost of donor parts only would be taken up front, and would be non-returnable regardless of the outcome of your case.

A selection of donor hard drives

A section of the EADR donor drive library.

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