That shouldn’t be sitting there!

Here is a picture of a problem that we see all too frequently these days, and it’s what is known as ‘Stiction’, or excessive ‘Static Friction’. The read/write heads on this drive have become ‘stranded’ on the platter surfaces either due to an abrupt shutdown whilst the drive is working, or more likely, some form of impact has occurred to the drive or its host device, and will now not allow the hard drives motor to spin the platters. This is more common in Laptop hard drives (but not exclusively), which are also used in the small 2.5” form factor portable external drives, and we see pretty much equal amounts of each for this kind of failure. As this failure will require the use of a clean room to perform the initial repair, it can be more costly than a straight logical or indeed electrical repair, but thankfully, if approached correctly and with the correct techniques applied, a very high percentage will be almost 100% recoverable. I say almost, as the very nature of the failure will mean that the heads will have come into contact with the platter surfaces, and undoubtedly caused some physical, or indeed magnetic damage. If we are lucky, then these will be away from any sectors on the drive that contain used data, if not we can work around these now inaccessible areas of the drive to recover as much as possible from it.

All in all, the job should be a good one!

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