The internet is not your data’s friend

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In these uncertain financial times, it has become second nature to look for a home remedy or DIY fix of our everyday problems, and social media and search engines have a plethora of examples of what to do when things go wrong. In many cases the “how-to” guide offer the perfect solution, however, when it comes to your personal data it should be avoided at all costs!
Hard disk drives are delicate pieces of equipment and when they stop working, they need to be handled with care, in the appropriate conditions, by skilled personnel who know what they are doing. Unfortunately, we have seen many cases and spoken to a lot of people who have attempted fixing the problems themselves and come unstuck, leaving their data at best vulnerable and at worst unrecoverable altogether.
A prime example was a customer who had phoned us to say that “he had looked on the web, watched a video showing him what to do, taken the lid off his hard drive just to have a quick look and found that the little arm inside was stuck”. Sadly, by exposing the platter surfaces to an un-sterile environment he had introduced contamination in to the drive (hairs/dust). He also physically moved the arm back to where he thought it should be, and caused physical damage to the platter surfaces themselves, meaning that we had to tell this particular customer that his hard drive was too far damaged and his data was unrecoverable.
It should be worth bearing in mind that if your drive fails and you only have one copy of your precious photographs, documents and any other personal or business information, then do-it-yourself attempts to get your hard drive working again do not generally end well. If your data is of value to you then we would recommend that you seek the assistance of a professional data recovery company, who will work with your drive under the required conditions and will have the expertise needed for the best possible outcome.

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