What happens during your free inspection?

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When sending your hard drive in to EADR for a free inspection, we undertake a multitude of tests to ensure that we have diagnosed the fault correctly and can offer you a fixed, and firm quotation.

The first thing we do is to perform a very thorough visual inspection on the patient drive, especially if (we suspect) the drive has been looked at previously or if it has indeed been to another data recovery lab for works. The type of things we would generally be looking for during this inspection are ensuring all tamper evident labels and screws are intact, any signs of impact (drop), ensuring that the main PCB is indeed the original and has not been replaced.

Secondly we would normally remove the main printed circuit board (PCB) and perform basic continuity tests across key components, and ensuring that all HSA and motor contacts are clean.

The next step, and depending on the nature of the failure, is to power on the drive. If any head damage or mechanical failure is suspected, then we would skip this step and go directly to the internal visual inspection in the clean chamber, having gained the client’s prior permission to open the drive. If no mechanical damage is deemed to be present, then we would power up the drive and dig deeper into possible SA Damage and associated Firmware issues, checking logs and defect lists and also undertake basic media tests.

These basic tests should now allow us to provide you with a full and accurate quotation that is genuinely ‘Fixed’, for you to consider.

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