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EADR - Specialist Data Recovery Services in the UK

We use cutting-edge tooling and technology together with innovative in-house methods to recover data from all types of digital data storage media. This, alongside a transparent, customer-centric approach, means all of our clients receive a premium data recovery experience.

Since 2010, we have successfully recovered terabytes and terabytes of important data, retrieving crucial business files, accounts information, databases, university/college work as well as items of sentimental value, such as irreplaceable, precious photographs and family history research.

Our approachable and friendly style has earned us the reputation of being a trusted Data Recovery partner to many computer repair shops, IT support companies and home users alike, who contact us when software data recovery methods have failed, because they want the best chance of recovering their valuable data safely, confidentially and efficiently.

Other IT or data recovery companies may have tried to recover your data without success, but you can put your trust in EADR to go all out to get you the results you need, in the most cost effective way possible.

Experts at Recovering Data - how can we help you?

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Desktop Hard Disk Data Recovery

From £89

If you need hard drive recovery from your Desktop PC, iMac or All-in-One, we can help! 

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Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

From £89

If you’ve dropped your laptop and it’s now clicking or beeping, talk to us NOW!

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External Hard Drive Data Recovery

From £89

Have you dropped your external hard drive? Is it no longer being recognised? Let us help!

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External Hard Drive Data Recovery

From £89

Is your external hard drive clicking? Not being recognised? Slow to respond to your commands? – Let’s get started.

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USB Stick/ SD Card Data Recovery

From £29

Has your USB Stick been bent accidentally? Is your SD Card showing a reduced capacity or needs formatting?

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USB Stick/ SD Card Data Recovery

From £29

Accidentally deleted photographs from your SD card or bent your USB Stick? Let us recover your data!


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From £219

Specialists in recovering data from RAID systems, whether it is mirrored, striped or direct-attached. We can get you back up to speed—fast!

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SSD Data Recovery

From £89

Has your SSD stopped responding or died completely?
PCIe, NVMe or M.2, Windows or Mac, removable or on-board, we can recover it!

Get In Touch

To find out if we can help recover your important data, call us on 01953 667 977 or email us at to arrange an inspection of your faulty device. We’ll be happy to give you some ball park figures immediately and provide you with a precise, no-obligation quotation within 24 hours of receipt.

Why do I need a Data Recovery Specialist?

Losing important data can be devastating, whatever the situation. The challenge is finding somebody capable, trustworthy and reputable to recover it for you.

Your local computer shop or your IT department at work will often be able to help, but what if your hard drive is inaccessible? If your hard disk is not reading or is physically damaged, then it’s highly likely you’ll need the services of a data recovery specialist.

With failed or failing hard drives or USB devices you often only have one chance at recovering the data, so it’s important to seek help from a data recovery specialist, with the correct skills, equipment and facilities to work on your device.

An expert in data recovery will have in-depth knowledge of hard drives and other data storage devices and will have seen the problem before. This means they can zone straight in to the problem and know exactly what to do to recover your data, saving valuable time (and often money).

At EADR, our business is based on understanding that our clients need:

At EADR our customers are always at the forefront, and  in 2017 we achieved our ISO:9001 accreditation. This is to provide reassurance that we adhere to a strict process and have accountability for our high standard. We are audited annually by an external body. 

Our Reviews

EADR are a great professional company. Staff are wonderful and go above and beyond to retrieve the data. Steve and Alison were very efficient and kept me updated throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend
Gabriella Foley
08:41 12 Aug 22
From the first call from Alison I knew I was in good hands. I was extremely stressed to have lost all my data and was instantly reassured that all possible steps would be taken to restore it. Steve kept me informed at all stages of the retrieval and I was relieved and delighted to receive it back quickly and most efficiently. I also thought that the cost was reasonable given the amount of data. I would unreservedly recommend EADR to anyone unfortunate enough to have lost data!
Elaine Arnold
08:17 22 Jul 22
Imagine how awful it is to find that both your main drive and your back-up drive have failed - at the same time! Thousands and thousands of important documents and photos going back to the 1940s.After the initial shock, I remembered EADR from about 5 years ago, when Alison & Steve resurrected my daughter's external drive, and so I contacted them again.The service was phenomenal and within a few days I had all of the files from both drives fully restored. The cost of doing this was incredibly good value and I would happily recommend EADR to anyone with data loss or drive problems.
Peter Duffield
15:50 12 Jul 22
The service I have recently received from Alison and Steve at EADRS has been second to none. After a first failed attempt of retrieving my damaged device locally, I sent it to EADRS and before I knew it, it was back in my possession with all data intact. I now have my life back! Excellent value for money and super speedy professional service - thank you both.
Andy Veitch
07:47 27 May 22
Tech Central
15:05 16 May 22
I bent and broke a memory stick and I was recommended EADR, and they were able to recover the data on it. They were efficient, helpful and unbelievably speedy. I sent the stick on Thursday and they were able to get me my data by Monday. They were totally transparent about costs and what would happen when. Overall a total pleasure to deal with.
Matthew Lowe
11:17 13 May 22
Many thanks for a wonderful, professional and friendly service with a successful outcome. I'll certainly be in touch if Cobalt needs data recovery services again.
Paul Reid
15:07 12 May 22
I was asked to 'fix' a dead external drive y one of my clients - obviously out of my expertise - so I contacted EADR. They were brilliant in terms of communication, clarity of what would happen at each stage and keeping me up to date of the outcome of each stage. They ended up recovering my clients entire external drive which they thought was gone forever - saving a lot of the clients personal memories. I would have no hesitation in using EADR again and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for data recovery experts.
Peter Robinson
09:54 12 May 22
Alison and Steve were recommended to me and I am delighted to pass on that recommendation. Brilliant service and really fast turnaround. I am now backed up to OneDrive so hopefully we won't have to work together again 😀
Alan Duggan
20:23 11 May 22
WOW this company are amazing - they managed to retrieve all my data in super quick time and communicated brilliantly all the way through the process....thank you Alison and Steve!!
Robert Girling
13:31 22 Apr 22
Alison and Steve at EADR are absolutely ace at data recovery.My old computers had been retained over the years (thankfully) as I upgraded my hardware regularly like you do. Sadly, not every IT guru I dealt with successfully transferred all my data with the upgraded hardware. Thus I had to resort of past hard drives to retrieve old data, but more especially the photos of my children as babies and through primary school which were not transferred when I moved over to laptops.I took all four drives to EADR and was given four detailed quotes. I then took a stab at the right hard drive to focus on which had a reasonable quote attached. Steve and Alison kept me informed at every stage and my data and photos were successfully retrieved within 48 hours of me instructing them to proceed.Fantastic service. They have made me so happy. Highly recommended.
Stella Gooch
11:55 23 Mar 22
Mark Cooper
08:57 15 Mar 22
very efficient service, couldn't have asked for anything better. Thanks for sorting my problem.
jeff Butler
12:35 04 Mar 22
Lost my external hard drive and recommended to contact EADR for recovery. Excellent service and amazing people who managed to retrieve over 20,000 files for me. Would thoroughly recommend them.
Sallie Simpson
09:11 04 Mar 22
Fantastic service, dead hard drive posted off to EADR and within days they'd extracted the data I'd feared lost. A speedy, attentive, considerate service, great communication & explanation - if only all customer experiences were this good! I would highly recommend EADR to anyone needing the services they provide & although hopefully I won't need their services again too soon, (hopefully I've learnt a hard lesson!)I would definitely point colleagues, friends & family their way. Many thanks!
Dave Young
19:36 28 Feb 22
Aimee Bywater
18:59 17 Feb 22
Alison and Steve are incredible. They are helpful, professional, and – most importantly – experts in data recovery. I had an old external hard drive with precious data that was inaccessible ... Within a week Steve had sorted the problem and sent back a new hard drive. Thanks SO MUCH!
Ollie Pickup
12:18 15 Feb 22
Absolutely amazing service, recovered all my data in record time and were so so helpful and kind. couldn't recomend them enough! <3
Alice Western
11:21 30 Jan 22
Extremely happy with the service I got! Lost all my data on my memory stick with uni assignments due in left, right and centre (ive now learnt to back everything up) and the team at EADR came straight to my rescue after I phoned. It was super fast, successful and friendly service and they kept me up-to-date with the process of my data recovery. 100% if I ever found myself in a similar situation again, they'd be the first people I call. Definitely recommend EADR!
Shaylen Baines
12:53 28 Jan 22
Fantastic service, we sent a completley dead Hard Drive in of a customer with vital data needed. We were notifed the following day of receipt of the drive, and a little later a full diagnosis and a report along with the quote which was quite reasonable. The following day we received further communication along with a live HTML file of the drive's full directory listing, and were able to view everything to be recovered. Very useful. Less than a week later we have received the data back on a new external hard drive, and very well packaged with secure encryption, so should it have gone missing in the post no one would be able to access any data . Top notch service from start to finish. Highly recommended.
MyComputerworks & Macrehab
15:47 27 Jan 22
Used EADR to recover a broken Hard Drive and they managed to get back for me priceless photos and files!! Am beyond happy to have these back , they were recommended by lots of people on a Facebook group and not without good reason. Very friendly , great communication and clarity and a wonderful end result. Can't say enough good things really , if you are in a similar position as I was use them , you won't regret it !!
Elliott Stevens
09:42 16 Jan 22
I have used EADR to recover data from a badly damaged USB stick. They explained the process in detail and informed me of the price beforehand, which was a decent price for the work involved. They managed to recover what could be recovered and price was as agreed. I was impressed by the level of professionalism held at this company and cannot recommend enough their service. Keep up the good work.
Russell Vassallo
08:39 13 Jan 22
Very professional and efficient data recovery service. I thought I was never going to see the contents of my broken SD card again, but with the help of EADR this worry was soon quashed! For me, they managed to recover everything on the SD card, even the corrupted images causing the problem. Absolutely fantastic result! If you are ever in trouble I would whole heartedly recommend.
Joe De-Groot
16:09 07 Jan 22
Cannot rate these guys enough. Excellent service and expertise.
Simon Jeffrey
20:47 04 Jan 22
I cannot clearly express how good a service this company has provided me with.I was an absolute fool, and had completely wiped my bitlocker encrypted external backup hard drive by complete accident. Possibly the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life.Steve Cook, one of the Directors of the company, and the (I assume) primary computer wiz, was initially very blunt and honest about the severity of my accident, and informed me not to get my hopes up in the slightest. A couple of days later, I received a copy of the data that he had managed to recover from my Hard drive, stating that a very large majority of the data is unfortunately restorable. However, when I had the opportunity to view the recovered files, I can confidently say that a good 85-90% of all of the original data was completely restored (Over 460GB of data, restored). I don't think Steve himself had any idea how much data he had successfully recovered.What they have done for me cannot be overstated, and I actually feel that they have undercharged me for the service. These guys know their stuff! More so than I think they, themselves, realize.If you are in need of ANY digital data recovery, EADR are an absolute godsend.
Jack Hayhurst
22:01 06 Dec 21
A massive thank you to Alison and Steve. You made a potential disaster so easy and stress free. Life savers!
Bridie Davies
08:14 03 Nov 21
I had a good experience with EADRS. They recovered important data efficiently. They communicated well through all of the process. I now don't have to type a years worth of documents. Totally recommend.
Claire Vinters
19:41 02 Nov 21
I would highly recommend EADR. Alison is a gem (and Steve!), and takes the hassle out of the whole process, by dealing directly with the customer. Managed to recover all of the customers data very quickly too. Very happy customer both here and with my own customer! Thanks again.
Ben Ashcroft
19:03 26 Oct 21
I would recommend EADR to anybody who is looking for a data recovery service; both Alison and Steve are very professional and provided constant updates on my issue.My case, which involved the recovery of an invaluable amount of family photos was dealt with quickly and efficiently and I would not hesitate to contact them again for future data recovery issues!
James Whitmore
11:41 14 Oct 21
I had an external hard drive which wasn't powering up properly and my local computer expert said it was a bigger problem than he could solve and recommended EADR. From the very beginning they were very transparent with what it might involve and how much it could cost. As such there were no nasty surprises. The work was carried out far quicker than I expected and I now have full access to a huge number of treasured family snaps which would have been lost forever otherwise. Worth every penny.
Rob Hoult
10:04 12 Oct 21
I would recommend EADR to anyone looking to recover lost data. They are friendly and very customer focused keeping the customer updated right throughout the process. I was very happy with the service I received and the outcome of retrieving my lost data.
Ian Hooper
17:02 11 Oct 21
Excellent service from start to finish and they managed to recover all our data when all seemed lost! I would highly recommend and wouldn't hesitate to use them again⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Paul Wilkinson
13:52 11 Oct 21
A very easy company to deal with and super efficient!
LV Bespoke
13:21 11 Oct 21
I was in desperate need of data recovery after my Hard Drive was damaged. I had 10 years of work on the device. I contacted EADR and they were absolutely wonderful in the way they went about retrieving my information. The service was quick and I got all my information back. Thank you to everyone at EADR for a job well done.
Graham Collisson
12:10 11 Oct 21
Grzegorz Majchrzak
19:00 29 Sep 21
I had 2 hard drives with our life's digital history on them and both failed within minutes. I was recommended EADR by a local computer specialist who said EADR were the only ones he would trust and recommend. And what a recommendation - a first class service, professional, quick, responsive, and being kept informed at all stages. They recovered all of our data that we have checked. A MASSIVE thank you for all the digital memories and files we now have back. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.
Bob Harris
18:35 20 Sep 21
From the moment I contacted EADR (Alison & Steve) I could tell from the first reassuring and professional phone call that I was in the right place. My portable hard drive with most of my life saved on it had seized. Every step of the way I was clearly told what would happen, cost and time it would take. Less than two weeks later EADR had worked their magic and I received a new portable drive with just about every bit of data recovered. How grateful am I. I would not hesitate to recommend this business. Having never had to go this route before they are very professional, understanding and extremely competent . A huge thank you from my family.
Victoria Woods
07:37 28 Jul 21
Very rare to find a business that is as good as these guys. Kept Up to date and even helped me through the technical speak. Thoroughly recommend these guys. Keep it up
Jay Hodges
15:46 13 Jul 21
Highly recomended. My laptop hard drive needed recovery. Every step was transparent and the communication at each stage was thorough. Finally, the recovered data was delivered on a secured usb drive.
Nick Anthony
18:59 09 Jul 21
After the panic of broken hard drive and precious photos and videos being lost, I can not praise and thank Steve and Alison enough, for their service. Professional but friendly personal service, amazing communication and all our data was recovered. Highest recommendation. Thank you EADRS.
Debbie Evans
15:26 03 Jul 21
As a fellow technology professional I am super impressed with the service and support I have received from Alison and Steve. A top quality affordable service, comes highly recommended to anyone who has suffered the problem of losing data.
simon jeffrey
08:28 01 Jul 21
Very happy with the 5* service I received for my old hard drive with data that I can now access. Super fast service and lots of informative updates on the progress.
17:32 28 Jun 21
EADR were recommended to me and managed to recover all, or certainly most, of the data on a dead hard disk. Professional and efficient. I highly recommend them if you haven't done your backups diligently! Life can go on!
Kathy Norris
18:03 22 Jun 21
Rescued all the files from my broken hard drive. Friendly professional service explaining clearly how the recovery process would proceed and keeping me informed of progress. Would highly recommend them.
Denis Ratcliffe
10:13 16 Jun 21
My External hard drive stopped working. I had EADR recommended to me. I contacted them on a Saturday morning took the hard drive to them and by Tuesday afternoon. I received an email with my data all recovered. I would highly recommend them
Iain Palmer
13:35 15 Jun 21
Excellent service and phenomenal expertise. Highly recommended.
Konrad Frankowski
15:33 26 May 21
The service that EADR is amazing ... I was really impressed with the quickness and knowledge that they provide and I can recommend this company highly.
sophia michael
13:53 13 May 21
Excellent service recovering data from a broken USB. The whole process was clearly explained and really quick! No hesitation recommending EADRS!
Jo Seymour
13:20 16 Apr 21
A massive thanks to Alison & Steve at EADR for recovering 10 years worth of irreplacable family photos & other files from a dead external drive. The service levels, communications & responsiveness has been outstanding & fully deserving of 5 stars!! No hesitation in recommending EADR at all.
Dave Appleby
11:12 01 Apr 21
Steve and Alison communicated with me through the whole process and resolved my external hard drive issue very quickly. I have to confess the price was more than I'd hoped, but hey - lesson learned: keep more than one copy of your precious photos.
Deb Fearn
10:57 01 Apr 21
The service provided throughout was exceptional. I was sent a detailed list of all the files that could be recovered from my faulty hard drive before agreeing to go ahead. With 50,000+ family photos recovered, I was happy to do so and received a new hard drive with all files on the very next day! Fantastic service and would highly recommend
Dave M
12:03 31 Mar 21
Alison and Steve were absolutely great at understanding our predicament with our family's network drive that failed. Within a couple of hours from them receiving the faulty hard drive, Steve sent me a very detailed report on the analysis of the hard drive. He detailed options of how they can retrieve the data etc, which made me feel part of the process. They received the hard drive on Thursday afternoon, shortly before they shut and by Saturday morning it was all done, data retrieved, repaired and copied onto a new external drive. I rate Alison and Steve extremely high and would highly recommend them, anytime to anybody who needs their expert services. Both are very friendly on the phone, very empathetic and explains very highly complicated equipment and systems in layman's terms. Definitely my best customer service experience to date. Thank you Alison & Steve.
Nico Stroh
10:26 22 Feb 21
Steve and Alison were professional, courteous and honest from start to finish. I had several major issues with an external HDD, but they were able to recover almost all data and get this back to me on a new and encrypted device. The whole process was very quick and I was kept informed throughout. Though no one likes the thought of losing their data, I would definitely seek out the expertise again. Thank you EADR!
William Emmens
08:48 21 Feb 21
Great service for my partner, very professional.
Sharon Worofka
09:12 07 Feb 21
The team did a quick and thorough job of recovering the data from my failed hard drive, and kept me regularly updated during the process. It all went very smoothly and I would recommend them to others
Katy M
20:32 06 Feb 21
When my portable hard drive suffered sudden mechanical failure I was directed to use EADR by my usual computer/software tech.I wasn't disappointed and, after a number of repair attempts, Steve and his team came through with data recovery which was transferred onto a new portable drive.Alison is very approachable and helpful both on the phone and email and I would certainly recommend using EADR for all your data recovery requirements..
Morris McKay
13:09 28 Jan 21
I am really impressed with Steve and his team - within a few days they were able to retrieve all the data from my hard drive after other companies had failed to do so (one specialist company had even been trying for several years!). Steve was also great at keeping me updated, explaining the recovery process and ensuring I was happy with the data recovered etc. Consequently I would definitely recommend East Anglia Data Recovery; particularly for complex “legacy” cases like mine as EADR were great to deal with and I’m so happy to finally get my data back - thank you!
Rebecca Scott
20:21 16 Jan 21
A massive thank you to EADR for their efficiency and professionalism in dealing with the recovery of my data. From the moment I spoke to Alison on the phone, to the return of my data, I have felt reassured and completely informed at every stage.A week ago I sent my external hard drive off, fearing the worst and now, I have access to all my files again - a lifetime’s work of research and hours and hours of time that could never be replaced if it was lost. I so wish I had found you sooner as I could have saved myself a lot of angst and worry!With all good wishes and my sincere thanks for the wonderful service I have received throughout. Thank you!Karen 🙂
Karen Van Coevorden
18:41 23 Dec 20
I can't thank them enough. A disasterous loss of data when my PC died was rescued by the wizardry of Steve and the calm demeanour of Alison. All against the clock too, as I had an urgent deadline. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.
10:50 28 Nov 20
I didn't know where to turn when my memory stick failed. I was distraught as it had decades of work on it. Following a recommendation, I was advised that EADR would be the best people to retrieve my data.The recommendation was totally right. They have been a lovely team of people - professional, friendly, honest and informative from start to finish.I started the week not knowing how to put right my data loss and feeling I had lost everything. They acted straightaway and within 24 hours, after some work, they were able to retrieve my files. I have received my new memory stick from them today with all my years of files accessible and intact. I cannot thank them enough.They have been superb. Thank you to the EADR team.
Catherine Husband
19:21 30 Oct 20
Would highly recommend, great service and great to deal with very helpful and great communication. Keep up the good work !
Jason Smith
10:44 27 Oct 20
Great service, if you require data recovery then this is the place to go to! Nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommended.
Duncan Smith
09:07 20 Oct 20
Simon Griffin
07:11 19 Oct 20
I had a broken flash drive and was referred to EADR by my local computer shop. Straightaway I felt reassured that the data on my drive would be handled securely and that the company was trustworthy and reliable. The whole service from start to finish was highly efficient, professional, thorough and friendly. I could relax, knowing that the data on my flash drive was in safe hands. I was kept informed throughout regarding the progress of the work. They managed to retrieve the data that I thought was lost forever. I cannot recommend EADR highly enough. Thank you so much.
Lucy Conn
08:58 14 Oct 20
When all seemed lost and I was in the mire EADR came to the rescue . I was told by my local computer shop that they couldn’t retrieve anything from my hard drive that had gone faulty as they hadn’t got the technology but they could refer me to EADR who had. Alison talked me through their procedure and steve got on with the task of repairing the drive and retrieving any information that he could.Thankfully he was able to get everything I required. EADR kept me informed at all stages a very professional outfit and i am really greatful to them for their fantastic services in my opinion a small price to pay for what could have been disaster for me. I would definitely use EADR again thank you.
wayne ward
05:15 09 Oct 20
EADR saved some really important work files and really precious personal files that were all but lost when my hard drive failed and another company hadn't been able to retrieve the data. The whole process was explained comprehensively and the work carried out promptly and very professionally. Very lucky to have been recommended to them, in the nicest possible way I hope never to see them again, but would recommend them to anyone looking to rescue important data.
Hannah Upton
13:57 04 Oct 20
I was recommended East Anglia data by a local shop when they were unable to recover valuable data from a very old, broken laptop. Alison gave exceptional customer care from my first call outlining the whole process in detail and explaining how I would not be charged unless they could recover the data. I was updated when my hard disk arrived safely and later when a particular part needed to be purchased to be able to repair the disk to be able to attempt the recovery. No promises were made given the age and state of the disk but I was absolutely delighted to be informed that they had successfully recovered all the data. A highly professional and friendly service from start to finish. Communication with the company was exceptional too. Their charges were very. reasonable indeed. Highly recommended.
C. O.
11:01 01 Oct 20
Recommended to me when desperate for help this company proved their worth with a comprehensive and exceptional service. Highly recommended.
Richard Sissons
18:27 26 Sep 20
I've just had the good news that all my video files, including documentary footage shot over 7 months, have been recovered from an external 3TB drive. The drive had fallen from a desk onto a hardwood floor and was not in a good way. After years of exhorting colleagues to back up regularly, I was the victim of my own stupidity. In over 30 years of working with PCs and all the variants thereof, I had never required "data recovery". An urgent check on the Web and I found a few reputable looking outfits but I was really disappointed with the responses from the "experts" I spoke with. By chance I spoke with a guy, Cormac, in a local company, Crosshaven Computers here in Cork, and he strongly recommended giving Alison in East Anglian Data Recovery Services [EADR]. That call was the best I've made in some time. From the very beginning, there was no hard sell, no "it might be this, it might be that..." - the initial information on what they could do, the potential for recovery or the possibility of loosing data was all discussed in a calm, friendly and reassuring manner. I sent the drive that same day and the follow up documentation within another day or two was excellent. I was kept informed of the processes involved and my nerve wracked phone calls were always met with professionalism and care - a world away from the corporate indifference I had experienced with other recovery companies I had contacted in the days after discovery of the damaged drive. If you have an issue with data recovery and need to get professionals to examine and hopefully find and restore that data, I thoroughly recommend that you contact East Anglian Data Recovery Services - they are people who know their business and care about you, the customer. Thanks again to Alison and Steve at EADR for all their help.
Declan O'Connell
17:22 24 Sep 20
I had an issue with my NAS drive which had 2 drives of 3TB each and both crashed ! I tried the normal tools available but that did not work . I then approached a few renowned names in the industry but they said they couldnt guarantee that they could get everything but I would have to pay if they got even one single file from the HD. Then I approached EADR and they looked into it and promptly reported the issue and the remediation - I know no one can guarantee a 100% recovery but they were confident that they could get majority data back - which they did ! and also kept me fully updated at every stage - Totally professional and high quality work !Highly recommended !
Shankar Chaudhury
10:23 24 Sep 20
Thank you to both Alison and Steve for helping to recover lost data on my portable hard drive. I am pretty tech savy though I had expended all my options and turned to EADR. Steve and Alison were able to recover all the data in a fast a timely manner which enabled me to submit my final assigment for graduation. Thank you so much !
Will Crane
17:47 26 Aug 20
I used this data recovery service for a customer of mine sometime ago and they were very responsive and professional.
Martin Gaunt
15:31 22 Aug 20
Absolutely fantastic service! Friendly, efficient and very professional. Amazing service, cannot recommend enough!!
Evie-May Ellis
10:22 27 Jul 20
My laptop crashed, lost everything (business and personal), and of course I had an important deadline on a report I was writing which was not backed up - Steve and Alison responded extremely fast - up and running with a completely restored disk in a little over 24 hours - deadline was also met. Thank you both - I have already recommended you to friends!
Kevin Gooding
09:45 03 Jul 20
I can't thank these guys enough for what they did for us. We had a hard drive failure on our home iMac, which was pretty catastrophic. Family photos, business, house and family documents, kids stuff; we thought they had all gone. Amazingly, EADR recovered everything and I have to say that their customer service was exemplary throughout. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation that we were in. A major lesson learned about the importance of doing regular back-ups!
John Curry
10:20 02 Jul 20
We had an external drive which failed and EADR were able to recover all of our data. Alison kept us fully updated throughout the process and our data was returned very quickly. Would highly recommend.
Rob Hunter
15:45 01 Jul 20
We had a faulty hard drive and were devastated at the thought of losing years of family photographs. Our local repair shop could not help but recommended contacting EADR. The response from Alison and Steve was superb, keeping us up to date with the technical issues, costs and timescale. We are over the moon that the data was retrieved and now safely back with us. I would highly recommend them.
08:31 30 Jun 20
I had a drive that had malfunctioned over 10 years ago, and Steve and Alison managed to recover all the data from it. EADR provided an efficient, friendly and professional service and I would be more than happy to recommend the company to anybody.
Alastair Gill
13:05 29 Jun 20
My laptop's hard-drive had been badly damaged by water and a botched recovery by another company. EADR did a great job and recovered all my precious work and personal files. Highly recommended.
David Dixon
11:02 29 Jun 20
I approached a few companies who were unable to repair my broken USB stick. One company i approached recommended EADR, so I decided to give it a go. I sent the usb off on the Monday and it was back to me, with all data accessable by the Friday, despite the repair being more complex than first expected. Alison and Steve provided a professional and really friendly service, and I thoroughly recommend their company if you are having data recovery issues.Thank you for your service
Samuel Button
09:50 29 Jun 20
We had a hard drive that became inaccessible, and contained many precious family photos. Steve and Alison's service was exceptional. All data was recovered, and sent back to us on a new secure hard drive. Thank you so much. Highly recommended.
Lisa North
07:22 17 Jun 20
I forwarded my laptop hard drive to EADR last week, as it had become mechanically damaged. Given that this was not backed up, I would be forced to repeat my final year at university if not recovered.EADR managed to recover all of the data from my damaged drive and were extremely helpful and punctual throughout the communication process.I could not recommend them more !
Kiefer Brown
11:26 20 May 20
Losing your data is horrible, but EADR made the process as pain free as possible. Their communication was excellent throughout, I cannot recommend them enough.
Frazer Merrick
09:51 15 May 20
EADR successfully recovered my images from two failed hard drives quickly and efficiently. Their service was friendly and professional. I do not hesitate to recommend them.
David Rees
13:56 29 Apr 20
EADR were fantastic. They provided a no obligation quote within a day and had fixed my broken hard drive and recovered all my data within 24 hours. Very professional, very helpful and great customer care. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Lisa Forbes
12:17 28 Apr 20
Great service, efficient, informative and friendly. The successful repair and return of our flash drive and data was completed in one week; can highly recommend EADR!
Andre Brenner
17:43 13 Mar 20
When disaster struct I could not have found a better company to help. Thanks to all at East Anglian Data Recovery you were life savers. A good honest company who delivered what they promised
Colin Payne
12:49 26 Feb 20
EADR were amazingly helpful in recovering all the data from our broken hard drive. The customer service is excellent - they are attentive and professional giving daily updates. The recovery was really quick and thorough. Would highly recommend
Claire Reid
22:45 25 Feb 20
one of my cusotmers found them and used them to recover his data.and then i had one of my customers want to recover their damaged hardrive.Excellent service. Good communication, kept me well informed of progress from beginning to end and successfully recovered my customers data that thought was lost forever. thank you will be using them again.
karl hobbs
15:37 25 Feb 20
I didn't use this company because they wanted to charge me 600 quid for data recovery
Pablo Jacksono
18:08 24 Feb 20
Simon Gandy
21:05 28 Jan 20
Thanks Steve & Alison - for your prompt and professional help. I am no longer panicking - I hope I don't need this kind of help again but if I do - I know where I will come. Cheers Doog - St Albans.
Doug Sawyer
17:28 25 Jan 20
Can’t recommend highly enough - couldn't be happier with the quality of service and experience of dealing with Steve and Alison!Having discovered my external hard-drive was submerged in an inch of water at the bottom of my bag (owing to a leaking water bottle…ggrrrr) at 4am I got straight onto google, did some research and was lucky enough to come across EADR - I emailed the team and received a response within an hour, which was incredible. Going from complete panic to, ‘there’s a plan’, all due to fantastic customer service.By 8am that morning my hard drive was in the safe and capable hands of Alison and Steve – from the outset I felt immediately reassured.They’ve seen it all before – ‘calm in crisis’ doesn’t do them justice.Their Professionalism, transparency and clarity of information was brilliant and gave me huge confidence that not only my personal data was in the safest place but I was dealing with people that really care about me. 24hrs later as promised, they were able to confirm all data was recoverable, and shared a web link for me to view the information gathered down to an indidual file level, which was amazingly was everything! I couldn’t believe it!A week after the event I’m just so grateful I came across Alison, Steve and EADR – I’ll be recommending them to everyone.Thank you again!Joe
Joe Thomson
17:23 21 Jan 20
Good service. Clear and timely communications. Diligent in getting the job done and retrieving the date i needed. Thanks.
Hal Gillmore
16:16 20 Jan 20
I'd never had to use a data recovery company before, and I was very pleased to find this firm. They were quick, informative, professional and efficient, recovering all of my data very speedily and keeping me up-to-date at every stage of the process.
Paul Hayes
17:49 18 Jan 20
GEL Automotive
21:27 14 Jan 20
Jackie Randall
08:31 29 Dec 19
Steve and Alison did an amazing work! My boyfriend and I sent it to some other big company and they quoted double the price and there was not a high chance of recovery. But we found EADR through my local PC shop and they managed to recover nearly all the data 99% when we thought it was impossible. They kept us updated at each stage of the operation. If there’s someone who you can trust with your hard drive is them. They are very professional and very friendly. Highly recommended!! Very reasonable fees.
23:42 26 Dec 19
Excellent service. Good communication, kept me well informed of progress from beginning to end and successfully recovered my data that I thought was lost forever. Highly recommended.
kelly wells
14:23 16 Dec 19
very good and fast service with helpful staff. had a large amount of data on damaged drive which they managed to retrieve all off.
Terry Armstrong
14:15 08 Dec 19
Chris Madden
17:51 26 Oct 19
Brilliant, fast and efficient information and help to magically retrieve all my malfunctioned pendrive files.
Keva McDonald
07:01 24 Oct 19
Terrific, friendly service with excellent outcomes.
Steven Jones
20:12 12 Oct 19
James Kennedy
16:48 12 Oct 19
I see there's no point in writing my own review - everything has already been said from the previous 5 star ratings! Your service truly is exceptional in every matter: friendliness, speed of process, communication, professionality. You deserve 10 stars of 5!
Daniela Heiniger
12:58 01 Oct 19
I found EADR to be one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Not only did they recover all of my (priceless) data but they were efficient, responsive and friendly throughout the whole process! Thank you EADR!
Charlie Burns
11:54 26 Sep 19
I returned to work after a weeks annual leave to find I had lost 6 years worth of e-mails.I was recommended EADR by a local business and I'm so glad we used them. They kept us updated at every point and were able to make a successful recovery of a lot of data at a very reasonable cost.Thanks Alison and Steve, you were a great help.
Simon Goodall
15:04 25 Sep 19
Your heart always sinks when you realise you've potentially lost ALL off your data, my case was no different!luckily the good people of EADR done a fantastic job, not only did they manage to recover all of my data, but it was done so fast, and the bill wasn't a shock compared to some horror stories you hear.A superb friendly professional service, and steve certainly knows his stuff, it really was a pleasure dealing them.I would highly recommend you give them a call if you need a data recovery service. I will certainly keep them on speed dial myself!!!Thanks again Steve & Alison, big thumbs up from me 🙂
Neill Dickens
12:20 25 Sep 19
I was referred to EADR through my local computer shop and I was really impressed at the turnaround and the level of customer service. It took a week to send off, retrieve data from two damaged hard drives that were about 10 years old and receive them back. I was kept well informed throughout the entire process. There were no hidden costs. Everything was handled in a very professional, but friendly way. You weren't dealing with some faceless big company. Would definitely use their services again.
Kel McGowan
11:33 25 Sep 19
First class job done by nice people. Cannot believe how much of my data they managed to recover and so quickly. Nice to have support over the phone for non computer types like me.
Richard Pilgrim
17:17 31 Aug 19
WOW...amazing service. The thought of losing this data made me sick to the core. It was my daughters wedding and all the photos/videos of my granddaughter and the rest of the family for about 15 years. Distraught doesn't cover it. I was recommended via a local IT shop (Gbiz Marske) who I didnt know as I've just moved area. EADR held my hand every step of the way. I immediately felt secure. They gave updates along the way and all emails were dealt with daily..within hours. I was so releived I hadn't even thought about protecting the data they were returning but they even covered that. Brilliant. Can't thank them enough. Wish it had been cheaper but it's my lesson learnt on how much value you place on your data. I hope I don't ever need them again but wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Pat Howes
18:28 28 Aug 19
I have recently used East Anglian Data Recovery Services and am very impressed with their service. They kept me updated throughout and recovered my data in rapid quick time. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs assistance with data recovery.
R Davies
18:06 28 Aug 19
EADR managed to recover a hard drive which refused to boot up for me. The drive contained photos of my family throughout the last 15 years that I feared were lost - memories that were irreplaceable. Thanks guys - outstanding results and amazing service.
Jim Hurden
12:34 28 Aug 19
Excellent service
Darren Hamblett
15:10 25 Aug 19
Alison and Steve saved the bacon of a business client of ours who had a hard drive failure. managed to recover most of the data including all the sage accounts files. Steve kept us up-to date thought the process which allowed us to in turn keep our customer informed on the progress of the recovery of their data. Can't fault EADR and will certainly use again if we have another customer in the same situation.
Gateacre Computers
09:10 08 Aug 19
5 star experience with EADR, I spoke to them before sending my 'dead' drives, got a reassurance it wasn't going to cost the earth. With a day or two, I have feedback on the state of the disks, then another day a view of what was on the disk, within the week what could be saved. couldn't ask for more. All my files (photos over the last 10 years) back very fast with a great experience, even got a free pen ;o)
Marcus Kellman
08:21 07 Aug 19
Alison and Steve have been fantastic from start to finish. they recovered over 600gb of my lost data due to a broken external HD which they had to repair first to even do so. very quick and frequent communication and very patient and understanding with me whilst considering my options. they treated me fairly and professionally even though i was totally clueless! They have helped me out so much with their services and i cant recommend them enough.
Tom Whitham
11:37 05 Aug 19
100% recommend! I suddenly lost all access to my data on a hardrive. Was kept informed at every stage, and was explained the process and outcomes in a way a non tech person would understand. Very speedy and very happy with the outcome and at an affordable price considering what was being done!
Charlotte Cooper
10:07 15 Jul 19
My local computer repair shop recommended EADR to me after they had tried but failed to retrieve any of the data from my NAS drive that had become corrupt. It contained our entire collection of digital photos so the content was of enormous sentimental value to us. Steve and Alison were extremely helpful throughout the entire process, from the initial analysis through to the final delivery, keeping me informed at every stage. I had fully prepared myself to losing the data held on the drive; however EADR persevered and managed to recover virtually all of the files. Cannot recommend this company highly enough if you find yourself in a similar position!
Andy Goodall
13:51 12 Jul 19
Five stars are insufficient for this company! When my external hard drive failed I was certain I'd lost 2TB+ of data. None of it was valuable in a commercial sense but, to me, it was priceless: every digital photo/video I've ever shot, family history research, music library etc. etc. My first contact with Steve gave me hope that something could be salvaged. In fact, he went on to successfully recover everything and I cannot thank him enough. From beginning to end Steve and Alison kept me updated with progress and have been unfailingly understanding, helpful and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
Carol Benson
16:25 06 Jul 19
Fantastic service from Steve and Alison, highly recommended for data recovery off pretty much anything!
Paul Ramsay
11:32 05 Jul 19
Can't recommend these guys highly enough - customer of mine with no backups suffered HDD failure. EADR had the data recovered and returned in less than a week and at a really good price!
James McNicol
08:20 19 Jun 19
I just wanted to say a big thank you to EADR, from the first contact via an email inquiry, the whole process has been fully explained and professionally dealt with. As I look at the retrieved images and video clips, I cried. I can not imagine the pain I would have felt if i had lost my memories of my children. Priceless x . I am so glad my daughter at UEA Norwich, came across EADR. We had tried local PC companies in Leicestershire, who said the images were unretrievable, they suggested I should throw the portable hard drive away. Oh I am so pleased we found EADR. Thank you.Thank you.
Sarah Hoult-ellingworth
22:56 10 Jun 19
Excellent service from start to finish. Very happy with the end product!
Andrew Ellis
11:58 04 Jun 19
Very fast turnaround, all of my lost data was recovered in time for my university deadline, with very fast and helpful staff
Daniel Ennis
11:56 27 May 19
Amazing, fast and friendly service!!I needed files for my A-Level exam after my hard-drive broke just a few days before my deadline. Alison replied to my querie almost immediately and Steve was able to recover everything in just a couple of days so I could still enter my work! 100% recommend!
09:31 27 May 19
Thanks to Alison & Steve for a fast recovery of my data all done in 6 days especially the photos of our dog as a puppy! Kept up to date with regular e-mails on progress, very pleased would happily recommend.Thank you.
James Connelly
19:36 13 May 19
Great service offered by this company and always friendly to work with.
Matt Williams
17:28 08 Apr 19
LIFE SAVERS! Amazing service from start to finish. Can't praise EADR enough. They were quick to action my faulty drive and recover all the data onto a new hard drive, with precise communication. Turn around time was very impressive and muchly appreciated. After being recommended and my first hand experience, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Thanks again Steve and Alison
Kate Greenaway
14:00 27 Mar 19
Having thought I had lost everything I was greatly relieved when EADR managed to retrieve nearly all the files from my damaged main hard drive.Big thank you to Alison and Steve for their superb service . They kept me informed of progress throughoutA really first class. Highly recommended.
Chris Holt
16:14 13 Mar 19
Outstanding service from initial call through to completion of the job, Would highly recommend
shaun pascoe
15:47 13 Mar 19
Absolutely faultless service and data recovery - simply brilliant.When my laptop hard drive stopped working a couple of years ago, my local IT company recommended I contact Alison and Steve at EADR. When I thought that all hope was lost, they somehow managed to do the impossible and retrieve all my invaluable data. So, when I experienced problems with my external hard drive a few months ago, EADR were my first and only port of call. Once again, Alison and Steve were simply sensational. The service and data recovery provided were absolutely faultless. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. Thank you so very much.
12:32 05 Mar 19
Graham Bygrave
20:14 05 Feb 19
Excellent service. Friendly, transparent, efficient and effective. Pricy, for sure - but better than losing valuable data. Recommended for when the proverbial truly hits the fan.
James Lowen Wildlife
11:14 20 Jan 19
Quite astounding service with files recovered from a broken flash drive in 24 hours and back to me via Dropbox. Very impressed indeed with both quality of service and the cost, thank you!
Mike Whitehouse
07:47 16 Jan 19
I write to suggest East Anglian Data Recovery Services (EA) is a great firm! My story is ... my laptop suddenly failed to read my hard-drive leaving my stumped. As a self-employed person my laptop is vital to me. I called into my supplier (in Harrogate) who advised me that I needed a replacement hard-drive. I had backed up the laptop, unfortunately not realising that it was already partly faulty and therefore had not backed up everything. The long and short of it was that my supplier said my last resort would be to ask EA if they could extract the remaining data from the faulty hard-drive. Following very efficient service, phone calls, texts and emails as well as the best postal service available, everything was back up and running within a week. Very grateful to EA as a company especially Alison and Steve with whom I dealt with directly. Fantastic. Not cheap, but cheaper than losing work! Well done, thank you. Stephen.Chatterton, Northallerton.
Stephen Chatterton
21:53 19 Dec 18
Outstanding service.We send all hard drives when we deem that we can not recover them ourselves. The service and communications from Alison and her team are fantastic. It's great to have a level up to send our products thanks
Crosshaven Computers
18:34 04 Dec 18
What a fantastic service I received from East Anglian Data Recovery Services. From start to finish they kept me informed of every step. Recovered all the data from my daughters hard drive after her computer had been dropped by my wife, saving both of us lots of aggravation. All my daughters uni work and Forest Schools learning on the hard drive all very important to her and irreplaceable. Thank you Alison and Steve for your wonderful service, well worth every penny. Would recommend this service to anyone who needs data recovered
Graham Chittock
15:51 24 Nov 18
Very professional from start to finish, wouldn't hesitate in recommending Steve and Alison!
Si Marsh
19:13 24 Oct 18
Phenomenal service from start to finish! Was kept up to date throughout the entire process from sending my device to receiving my new hard drive. Managed to recover everything from my broken one which was amazing! Would highly recommend to anyone in need of a data recovery service. Thanks Steven and Alison!
Daniel Thomson
17:33 04 Oct 18
Cannot thank Steve and Allison enough. Saved every bit of data and a quick turnaround!
Daniel Moon
13:27 01 Oct 18
None can surpass the expertise and professionalism of Steve and Alison. HDD became damaged following a fall and Steve brought important files back to life again after considerable effort. Our business would have been dramatically affected without their help. Keep up the great work you guys.
Penny Stanyon
09:13 28 Sep 18
The service I given from AEDR was 1st class, very efficient and prompt. They managed to recover all my data from the HDD that I had dropped and could no longer access. I would recommend them for the highest quality service.
Stephen Pavey
12:07 01 Sep 18
Great experience so far - EADR will be getting my repeat business from now on. Thanks
Sam James
17:18 28 Aug 18
Very happy with my experience. The customer service was excellent, so helpful in recovering my hard drive as quickly as possible. Highly recommend!
Hugo Corbett
11:11 17 Aug 18
I cannot thank Steve & Alison enough for their professionalism, correspondence and expertise. Happy to recommend them to anyone!I had been quoted an astronomical figure which would have taken 4 times as long as what it took Steve and Alison to recover pretty much my full cloud drive. I now have all the important photo's of my son since he was born back in my possession along with critical files for my wife's business!Once again thank you both for your incredible service.James
James Wainwright
20:57 07 Aug 18
Have used Eadr for my bushiness clients and cannot praise them highly enough professional and helpfull keep up the good work
Melvin donaldson
12:13 28 Jul 18
On the day prior to my assignment submission date for college, i went to upload all my work only to find out that all files had become corrupted! As i think anyone would i began to panic. I put out a plea on facebook to ask if anyone had any solutions to my problem?!And i am very happy to say that EADRS came to my aid! They managed to recover all my lost work i had done over the past year and got back to me in a couple days!Couldn't ask for better customer service!Thanks!
sam messent
11:40 13 Jul 18
First class service from EADR. Excellent communication, fast turnaround, and the best outcome. All round highly recommended.
Paul Macro
15:25 19 Jun 18
iMac hard drive was completely inaccessible and I hadn't even heard of time machine. Luckily, EADR managed to recover everything, years of music, photos and videos. Customer service was excellent!
Paul Tranter
11:26 07 Jun 18

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