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We had an issue with an external hard drive which had lost power and wouldn’t read. It had everything from important business documents to precious family photos so we’re looking for a professional company that could help recover everything and that we could trust. We were given EADR‘s name by a local computer repair shop and from first contacting them had first class service and a new hard drive with everything restored back within a few working days. I was kept well informed throughout the process and the whole experience was excellent. I would definitely recommend using this company and would definitely use them again.

★★★★★ Vicki Horspool, 9 months ago

5 Star service & very professional! I would definitely recommend them if you looking to have your important lost data recovered! First, I rang and Alison was patiently answer my questions and doubt! Secondly, Steve is really professional and have everything recovered for me within few days! Wouldn't be more recommend them!

★★★★★ PennyLooi DurianLadyInUK, 9 months ago

Highly Recommended!
My Portable hard drive was completely broken (along with ALL my data - back it up people!) and the team at EADR fixed it within days of receiving it - They retrieved all of my lost data much to my relief. They had been recommended to me by my regular IT guy, and personal endorsements are always what we as consumers want to go with! Their communication was clear and responsive, usually by email but by phone if required, and on visiting their premises I was impressed at their attention to info security for their clients. Their follow up after care is as equally diligent with emails to check in all is well in the weeks after repairs.
Forensic repairs come at a price, but the data I retrieved was worth it!

★★★★★ kate Evans, 9 months ago

Having, rather carelessly, not backed up some of my work, I was devastated when my computer hard drive failed. The local repair shop couldn't retrieve any data but suggested I try East Anglian Data Recovery. Desperate to try anything to get back my work, I gave them a ring. From start to finish EADR were friendly, professional and exceedingly fast. At every stage of the ticket, they kept me up to date. They gave me a breakdown of what they thought they could recover before I had to pay anything. To my absolute relief, all my data was restored onto an external drive and sent back within days. EADR even kept a copy on file just in case the drive got lost enroute. I don't know how they perform their magic but I cannot praise them highly enough. It was a complete pleasure dealing with a company who kept me informed and performed a miracle for me (when I thought all hope was lost). Thank you for saving my sanity.

★★★★★ Lynda Fox Transfers, 9 months ago

Fantastic service from these people. Saved my data

★★★★★ Malcolm Holmes, 9 months ago

As I stated in my email thanking Steve and Alison, it was a superb, and it has to be said, speedy service recovering the data from two very dead drives.
Steve managed to get everything off the drives. It is basically our family photo archive and it would have been very sad for us to have lost it.
It has now been copied onto three separate drives: once bitten twice shy!!
Thank you East Anglian Data Recovery Services, I shall certainly, if the need arises, use you again and will strongly recommend you.

★★★★★ John Innes, 9 months ago

If your lost data is a problem, EADR is the solution. Ask them questions then make up your own mind. I did.

Data recovery really is a specialist service and as much as your local “we fix every PC and laptop” might be very good at what they do, you wouldn’t want them to work on a hard drive any more than you’d ask a GP to perform brain surgery on you.

I have used EADR twice now- the first time to repair an impact damaged drive and unreliable USB stick and more recently to repair a liquid damaged hard drive. In the former case I got back over 95% of data and in the latter, 100%.

If you have not used EADR before then you’ll have the same problem I did the first time I needed help- you’ll see dozens, maybe hundreds of sites all promising this, that and the other. Undoubtedly some of them will also be very good, but most aren’t. Most (and I write from experience) are no more than general PC repairers who think they understand. EADR really know their specialist area to the finest possible levels and I would not trust anyone except them with such sensitive data. Ever. Give them a call, ask questions and they’ll give you the honest answers then it’s up to you what you do.

★★★★★ Derek S. Taylor Britannia Bus Ltd, 10 months ago

Top recovery company.

★★★★★ Paul, 10 months ago

I thought all was lost on my remote drive, silly of me not to take more time backing up. Tried all sorts of data recovery software but got in touch with Alison and Steve and was very professionally guided through all the pros and cons on data recovery. Within a week of posting my drive I had a replacement drive sent back with ALL my date recovered.
Fantastic service.
many thanks again
Tom (in Glasgow)

★★★★★ Tom McIntyre, 10 months ago

EADRS recovered all my data!!
They were very easy to deal with; very organised and professional, lived up to every promise, did not mislead me, kept me informed, made sure I knew what they could and could not guarantee, what my options were and the costs involved. There was never any pressure to pursue something I did not feel comfortable about.
Had to pay more than I had hoped to, but that was my choice in order to have the best chance of recovering some vital information and some precious memories. Well worth every penny I spent.

★★★★☆ Derek Russell, 10 months ago

I can thoroughly recommend EADR for all your data recovery needs. Steve and Alison provide an extremely professional, high-quality service. They succeed where others fail. Thanks again EADR.

★★★★★ Ian Minto, 10 months ago

A very professional and friendly service. I can,t praise them highly enough. If I have another similar problem , EADR are on speed dial. I have total confidence in them!

★★★★★ michael white, 10 months ago

EADR very efficiently saved the data from a 'dead' external HD with a broken case due to a fall. The service was fast and I was very pleased to receive my files back on a new device.

★★★★★ Alan Williams-Key, 10 months ago

Everyone I dealt with at East Anglian Data Recovery Service were so helpful and responded to emails in good time. I had sent in an external hard drive to receive photos and I managed to get everything back. I would definitely recommend this place.

★★★★★ Arun Nagra, 10 months ago

Outstanding service!!

My partner was trying to upload his pictures from a recent zoo trip and it wasn’t working so he put his SD card back in his camera. However, when he turned his camera on the message ‘format card’ appeared and none of his pictures were showing. I contacted EADR after finding there details on a Google search to see if they could help. From the first email/phone communication they were so friendly and reassuring. I decided to drop the card in with them and in less than 24 hours they confirmed that there was a 98% chance the pictures could be saved. After confirming I wanted them to go ahead they emailed me a list of files they had managed to save and answered all my questions when I called to clarify a few details. Within 48 hours of me dropping the damaged SD card off with them I was back to pick up the recovered images and all were saved in great quality. I cannot fault the service I received from EADR, they were quick, efficient and so very helpful along the way. Will definitely use in the future for any recovery needs!

★★★★★ Susan Siebold, 11 months ago

I contacted EADR on the advice of my local Gigante store when my hard drive suddenly stopped working. When I phoned up, Alison was already expecting my call. I then spoke via email to Steve who very clearly explained the process and that I wouldn't have to pay anything unless they found the lost data and even then it was my choice whether i wanted it back. The emails were prompt and he answered all my questions. He kept in regular contact and once he had found all my lost data and I had paid the fee they got it back to me really quickly. EADR is a very efficient and friendly service, just what you need when you have lost all your precious data! I would 100% recommend them to anyone in my position.

★★★★★ Amybelle, 12 months ago

Brilliant service- was desolate at lost photos but much relieved to get 99+% back in a most rapid timeframe. Professional and was made to feel at ease.

★★★★★ Pete S, 12 months ago

Very professional Firm, I gave them my corrupt SSD and in less than 48 hours I got results, the contents of the corrupt SSD was transferred to my external HDD, which I provided. The whole process was seamless and transparent. Kudos EADR

★★★★★ Gamaliel Eweke, 12 months ago

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