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Alison and the team managed to recover a lot of cherised photos from my damaged hard drive. Extremely profesional and helpful, and a pleasure to talk to, I highly recommend EADR for any data recovery needs.

★★★★★ Sarah Pedretti, 6 months ago

After losing all the data on my Seagate Hard-Drive, I was more than delighted with the services of East Anglian Data Recovery Services who recovered the data and returned it to me on a USB Flash Drive. I never dreamed my photographs could be recovered - and will be eternally grateful to them for their prompt and efficient service. I would highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in need of data recovery.

★★★★★ Eve Greygoose, 6 months ago

Professional, prompt, perfect

★★★★★ Watchnation Chester, 6 months ago

I recently used East Anglian Data services which I was recommended to by a computer repair service , I can truly not recommend Alison and the service they supply any higher,
Great communication, explanation of what could be recovered from my hard drive along with costings , Alison also offered me a payment plan .
Amazing service many thanks Kristian

★★★★★ Kristian Robinson, 6 months ago

What an amazing business! I contacted EADR Ltd regarding a hard drive that had a lot of precious photos saved on it, that was not working. The responses were swift to come back, they were friendly and explained things clearly for a person that is not massively computer-savvy but not in a patronizing way. I sent the hard drive (using their instructions) on the 22nd November and the data was recovered and returned to me on 30th November (there was a days delay due to me not them). I can not praise Steve and Alison enough! I recommend EADR Ltd to anyone who have issues regarding lost data!

★★★★★ Nicky Yeadon, 6 months ago

Great service.

★★★★★ Richard Robinson, 6 months ago

Excellent service and communication throughout with 100% recovery of damaged files. Thanks again !

★★★★★ Darren Brannigan, 6 months ago

Great Service provided by EADR. After a very traumatic hard drive malfunction, they were able to save all of the stored information. Great communication throughout. Thank you!

★★★★★ Honor Houlding, 7 months ago

My external hard drive stopped working. The first place I took it to told me the data couldn't be retrieved, which would have been a disaster. I got a second opinion who recommended EADR. I sent it off to them with fingers crossed. They identified the problem as physical damage and managed to fix it sufficiently to retrieve all the data and return to me by post on a new one. Exceptional service. Fast, friendly and honest. Thank you Alison and Steve.

★★★★★ louis pocock, 7 months ago

After dropping my hard drive too many times I lost ALL my precious photos. EADR successfully and quickly retrieved them all for me and were very helpful with the process. Its an expensive business wherever you go but I completely recommend EADR for this service

★★★★★ Lorna Skinner, 7 months ago

Fabulous service. My lost data was recovered swiftly to my great relief. EADR were so helpful and courteous. I have already recommended this Company to my friends.

★★★★★ Melvyn Helsey, 7 months ago

Referred to the East Anglian data recovery service from Phase 4 computers.

Managed to get every sorted, to them(east Anglian) and back in less than a week and got everything back for a reasonable price.

If I ever need specialised help like this again I know who to call

★★★★★ Adam Waddington, 7 months ago

Thank you Steve and Alison, for recovering all of my 10,000 photographs a life saver. I was kept informed from the moment my drive arrived at the workshop too the moment it left to be returned to myself. I hope i won't need your services again but i do it will heading to your good self's. Many thanks. Alan Bowes

★★★★★ Alan Bowes, 7 months ago

I have no hesitation in highly recommending EADRS. We used them to recover data from a rather old and apparently corrupted external hard drive. In particular, we were desperate to recover some important family photos. After EARDS got to work, we can now access all the files, as far as I can see (but there are rather a lot!) As well as being highly effective in their work, EADRS provided an excellent level of service, being both speedy and keeping us informed every step of the way. I would certainly use them again if I have any future problems with data recovery.

★★★★★ David Barnes, 7 months ago

EADR is one of those businesses that delivers truly exceptional customer service. I dropped off the hard drive on Thursday afternoon, on Saturday morning at 08:00 I had a list of the files on the drive. I collected the data on a new drive on Monday afternoon. Incredible service. This is a business I am very happy to recommend.

★★★★★ Murray Laidlaw, 7 months ago

Fantastic service, recovered all of my files back when I had no hope!

★★★★★ Ashkan, 7 months ago

EADR saved vital data after drives started to fail in my Raid 0 Array.
I recommend EADR as a first port of call for any data related problems!
They worked fast to diagnose the problem and communicated in a clear transparent way, as to the solution.

★★★★★ Scott Newstead, 7 months ago

We use EADR for all our clients failed drives. The service from Alison and Steve is beyond reproach, bar none, the best. They have never failed us and doubt that they ever will. Just an incredibly high quality service with excellent customer focused service. Can't recommend them enough...

★★★★★ Alex Burckhardt (Geek Fix Harrogate), 7 months ago

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