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Fantastic service, dead hard drive posted off to EADR and within days they'd extracted the data I'd feared lost. A speedy, attentive, considerate service, great communication & explanation - if only all customer experiences were this good! I would highly recommend EADR to anyone needing the services they provide & although hopefully I won't need their services again too soon, (hopefully I've learnt a hard lesson!)I would definitely point colleagues, friends & family their way. Many thanks!

★★★★★ Dave Young, 2 years ago

Absolutely amazing service, recovered all my data in record time and were so so helpful and kind. couldn't recomend them enough! <3

★★★★★ Alice Western, 2 years ago

Extremely happy with the service I got! Lost all my data on my memory stick with uni assignments due in left, right and centre (ive now learnt to back everything up) and the team at EADR came straight to my rescue after I phoned. It was super fast, successful and friendly service and they kept me up-to-date with the process of my data recovery. 100% if I ever found myself in a similar situation again, they'd be the first people I call. Definitely recommend EADR!

★★★★★ Shaylen Baines, 2 years ago

Fantastic service, we sent a completley dead Hard Drive in of a customer with vital data needed. We were notifed the following day of receipt of the drive, and a little later a full diagnosis and a report along with the quote which was quite reasonable. The following day we received further communication along with a live HTML file of the drive's full directory listing, and were able to view everything to be recovered. Very useful. Less than a week later we have received the data back on a new external hard drive, and very well packaged with secure encryption, so should it have gone missing in the post no one would be able to access any data . Top notch service from start to finish. Highly recommended.

★★★★★ MyComputerworks & Macrehab, 2 years ago

Used EADR to recover a broken Hard Drive and they managed to get back for me priceless photos and files!! Am beyond happy to have these back , they were recommended by lots of people on a Facebook group and not without good reason. Very friendly , great communication and clarity and a wonderful end result. Can't say enough good things really , if you are in a similar position as I was use them , you won't regret it !!

★★★★★ Elliott Stevens, 2 years ago

I have used EADR to recover data from a badly damaged USB stick. They explained the process in detail and informed me of the price beforehand, which was a decent price for the work involved. They managed to recover what could be recovered and price was as agreed. I was impressed by the level of professionalism held at this company and cannot recommend enough their service. Keep up the good work.

★★★★★ Russell Vassallo, 2 years ago

Very professional and efficient data recovery service. I thought I was never going to see the contents of my broken SD card again, but with the help of EADR this worry was soon quashed! For me, they managed to recover everything on the SD card, even the corrupted images causing the problem. Absolutely fantastic result! If you are ever in trouble I would whole heartedly recommend.

★★★★★ Joe De-Groot, 2 years ago

I cannot clearly express how good a service this company has provided me with.

I was an absolute fool, and had completely wiped my bitlocker encrypted external backup hard drive by complete accident. Possibly the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life.

Steve Cook, one of the Directors of the company, and the (I assume) primary computer wiz, was initially very blunt and honest about the severity of my accident, and informed me not to get my hopes up in the slightest. A couple of days later, I received a copy of the data that he had managed to recover from my Hard drive, stating that a very large majority of the data is unfortunately restorable. However, when I had the opportunity to view the recovered files, I can confidently say that a good 85-90% of all of the original data was completely restored (Over 460GB of data, restored). I don't think Steve himself had any idea how much data he had successfully recovered.

What they have done for me cannot be overstated, and I actually feel that they have undercharged me for the service. These guys know their stuff! More so than I think they, themselves, realize.

If you are in need of ANY digital data recovery, EADR are an absolute godsend.

★★★★★ Jack Hayhurst, 2 years ago

A massive thank you to Alison and Steve. You made a potential disaster so easy and stress free. Life savers!

★★★★★ Bridie Davies, 2 years ago

I would highly recommend EADR. Alison is a gem (and Steve!), and takes the hassle out of the whole process, by dealing directly with the customer. Managed to recover all of the customers data very quickly too. Very happy customer both here and with my own customer! Thanks again.

★★★★★ Ben Ashcroft, 2 years ago

Excellent service from start to finish and they managed to recover all our data when all seemed lost! I would highly recommend and wouldn't hesitate to use them again⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

★★★★★ Paul Wilkinson, 2 years ago

I was in desperate need of data recovery after my Hard Drive was damaged. I had 10 years of work on the device. I contacted EADR and they were absolutely wonderful in the way they went about retrieving my information. The service was quick and I got all my information back. Thank you to everyone at EADR for a job well done.

★★★★★ Graham Collisson, 2 years ago

I had 2 hard drives with our life's digital history on them and both failed within minutes. I was recommended EADR by a local computer specialist who said EADR were the only ones he would trust and recommend. And what a recommendation - a first class service, professional, quick, responsive, and being kept informed at all stages. They recovered all of our data that we have checked. A MASSIVE thank you for all the digital memories and files we now have back. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

★★★★★ Bob Harris, 2 years ago

From the moment I contacted EADR (Alison & Steve) I could tell from the first reassuring and professional phone call that I was in the right place. My portable hard drive with most of my life saved on it had seized. Every step of the way I was clearly told what would happen, cost and time it would take. Less than two weeks later EADR had worked their magic and I received a new portable drive with just about every bit of data recovered. How grateful am I. I would not hesitate to recommend this business. Having never had to go this route before they are very professional, understanding and extremely competent . A huge thank you from my family.

★★★★★ Victoria Woods, 2 years ago

Very rare to find a business that is as good as these guys. Kept Up to date and even helped me through the technical speak. Thoroughly recommend these guys. Keep it up

★★★★★ Jay Hodges, 2 years ago

Highly recomended. My laptop hard drive needed recovery. Every step was transparent and the communication at each stage was thorough. Finally, the recovered data was delivered on a secured usb drive.

★★★★★ Nick Anthony, 2 years ago

After the panic of broken hard drive and precious photos and videos being lost, I can not praise and thank Steve and Alison enough, for their service. Professional but friendly personal service, amazing communication and all our data was recovered. Highest recommendation. Thank you EADRS.

★★★★★ Debbie Evans, 2 years ago

As a fellow technology professional I am super impressed with the service and support I have received from Alison and Steve. A top quality affordable service, comes highly recommended to anyone who has suffered the problem of losing data.

★★★★★ simon jeffrey, 2 years ago

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